BIZ 2400 II Duo UNC



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BIZ 2400 II Duo UNC

Wireless headphones and earbuds are highly recommended for the call centers and call support services. Such offices experience more calls than a regular office, surrounded by a lot of noise from the devices and colleagues. Therefore they need to have Jabra’s BIZ 2400 II headset that provides them complete isolation from such an atmosphere. 

Best Sound Best Value:

These headgears are engineered by professional designers to overcome the sound problems that are mostly faced by the agents. They are designed to provide the crystal clear sound to both ends to increase the productivity of the work. The wireless connectivity provides you the freedom to walk away from your desk phones but still stay connected to your valuable customers. The advanced noise-canceling microphone and enhanced speakers deliver outstanding high-resolution sound even in the noisy offices. The noise-canceling feature (NCF) eliminates all the background sounds and even controls the breathing rhythms so that minimizing the distortion levels to the maximum levels. Thus these features maintain the agent and customer relations by improving the conversations. With BIZ 2400 II Duo UNC it is possible to take the calls even in the busiest environment, this feature will make you never miss a call no matter where you are.

The wonderful sound makes agents hear what is said clearly and in return reply correctly and appropriately to the customers. The mics are highly developed to filter out the sharp popping noises that are often heard during the conversations. The microphone boom arm can be rotated to 360 free spins so you can change these professional headphones to personal ones. 

Premium Design:

At such a modest price, these are perfect entry-level headsets. They are designed to make your customers hear you better than ever before. With such a high definition sound they deliver relaxation of wearing to the agents for the whole day-long session. They are light weighted and easily adjust to different sizes of the skull. The unremarkable type of design is highly compatible and eye-catching. They provide such a good fit on the ears and head that one mostly forgets that he is wearing something on the head. With luxury ear cushion and headband padding with soft leather, they are highly recommended for the agents to stay comfortable and more productive. There is an easy to use control unit that allows you to change the volume, mute calls, and many other functions. These earphones have taken customer service support to the next level.

Sound Guard Protection:

With rich detailed audio, it is very important to make sure that the natural ears do not get damaged after the long usage of such devices. Therefore these ear pieces are highly supervised to check and balance for the long term use. Many people like to enjoy the music and other entertainments at a louder level than the normal one thus these earpieces are designed to give them the real essence of their music. The two-sided earplugs are made under sound guard protection technology to protect your ears from the sudden loud ambiance. This technology protects your ears from any sudden high pitch, notch or sound waves that can damage your ears. Thus these headphones are specially designed for the safety purposes of their user.

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