Backbeat 116 Stereo Earbuds with micPosted On: Jan-03-2017  By: Bob Fadi

Backbeat 116 Stereo Earbuds with mic

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BACKBEAT 116 are stereo mobile headphones, manufactured by Plantronics with exceptionally amazing sound quality. Hence, considered as great value for money. It is an upgrade from the basic earbuds. It adds color to the user’s music.
It features Neodymium- based micro- speakers that offers some balance and tone to the favorite tunes of the users alongside clear- cut call. With vibrant look, the headset offers an anodized metal look. It is highly compatible with almost all kinds of smartphones, MP3 players and iPhone. An experience of listening to the music and communicating via inline mic is exception. It is an ideal headphone for those looking to get style, comfort and great sound.