Best Rated Noise Canceling Headphones for Office Phone Review 2018Posted On: Jul-18-2018  By: David

Best Rated Noise Canceling Headphones for Office Phone Review 2018

What is the noise cancellation? Why are headphones with noise cancellation facility recommended for office use? While being at work, it is important that a person is able to communicate without getting disturbed by the sounds in his background. Even at the best workplaces, it is impossible to have pin drop silence. Thus, using headphones with state of the art noise cancellation facility is the best way out.

It is always good to keep a check on what you are buying. One should be conscious of the brands that are being considered. It is better to pay a higher sum of money to buy a quality brand.

Here are some high-quality noise cancellation Headsets that work well for the user.




  1. Jabra BIZ 2400 II Duo UNC

  2. Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Wireless Headset

  3. Jabra Engage 75 Convertible Stereo Wireless Headset




Jabra BIZ 2400 II Duo UNC

If you are using a headset by a reputed brand, you would never have to worry that it would lose its shape quickly. Jabra headsets are meant to be highly durable and last for a long time. The Jabra BIZ 2400 II Duo UNC is counted among the best rated noise cancellation headphones for office. If you are working in a call center, these headphones are tailor-made for you.

One of the many benefits that this headphone has is quality noise cancellation. These headphones easily block the loudest of environmental noises without any problem. This is required when you are at work. While taking calls, the atmosphere around you may not be quiet. Thus, you can face problems when you are talking to people. The Jabra Biz 2400 II Duo UNC keeps stops loud irritating noises from entering your ear and hampering your professional performance. With this headset, you can concentrate on important calls without worrying that the noise around you would cause any disturbance.

You can only wear a hearing device that is good to wear. If a headphone is making you tired or has comfort problems, it would be hard for you to wear it. The Jabra Biz 2400 can be counted among the most comfortable corded headsets. This is why call center professionals are able to wear it for the whole day without any trouble. Call center professionals can use this hearing device for the whole day without even the slightest of irritation.

A headphone that fails to produce quality sound causes several problems for the user. You can take the example of call center professionals communicating with their customers. If you are unable to hear what your customer is trying to say, he would most likely drop your call. With this Jabra headset, you would not face this issue and the customer would not have to repeat any of the conversations. This headset has exceptional quality of sound and the level of clarity is quite good as well. While talking to someone, you would be able to focus on the conversation without any clearance issues. Call center professionals are required to handle a high volume of calls on a daily basis and they cannot afford to face any clarity problems. Thus, for them, this headset is a perfect option.

  • The Jabra 2400 Duo headphone has a strong structure. It is not one of the headsets that would break in quick time. It would suit you if you are looking for a headset that would last for a long time.

Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Wireless Headset

Jabra has been produced various best-rated noise canceling headphones for office and the Jabra Engage 65 is one of them. This hearing device has been designed specially to communicate while being in noisy atmospheres. For instance, consider that you have to attend to an important call at work and some construction is being carried out right behind you. It is obvious that you would not be able to communicate on call when there is so much noise around you. On the other hand, when you are using the Engage 65, you do not need to worry about background noises. Here are some highly impressive features of this headset.

  • If you are using the Engage 65, there is no need to change the environment even if it is very noisy. This is one of the many amazing benefits that this headset has. This headset blocks all kinds of environmental sounds that you can even think off. For instance, if you are on a call and someone starts using a printer while standing next to you, the sound would surely cause disruption for you.  Users who are using the Engage 65 do not even have to think about getting disturbed by background noises because this headphone prevents the most penetrating sounds from disturbing the user.

  • Whether you have to wear a headphone for one hour or the entire day. It has to be comfortable. In other words, you should never compromise on the comfort level of the headset.  Particularly when you have to wear a headset for 9 hours or more every day, you should not compromise the comfort level of the headset. You can wear the Engage 65 for as long as you want and handle long work-related calls without any tiredness or comfort problems. Customer support professionals are required to talk to several people every day. They need to handle large call volumes and each of these calls is highly important. The Engage 65 is light weighted and one can wear it for as long as he wants. Users do not need to have the slightest of apprehensions about getting exhausted.

  • For corporate professionals, it is important that the headset being used has a stable built. Headsets that have a weak structure break in a quick manner. The Engage 65 has a very firm and stable built. It has been designed to last for a long time. Even though it has a firm and stable structure, it does not have a lot of weight. You can forget about any tiredness if have this headset worn.

  • The Engage 65 is a wireless headset so you do not need to communicate without being able to move. The headset has an impressive wireless range of 150m. For instance, if you get a call on your smartphone and this headset is paired with it, you can easily move away from the phone and even walk out of the room while communicating. In other words, this headset gives you the flexibility to change your postures and talk in a comfortable manner. It is not easy to find wireless headsets that offer such a good wireless range to the user.

  • Wi-Fi interferences surely have a negative effect on the overall call quality. If you have Wi-Fi connections being used around you, the user can experience disruptions. This is not the case when you are using the Engage 65 headset as it has DECT technology. This technology helps in preventing all kinds of Wi-Fi interruptions and the user can attain the finest call quality.

  • A headset that has to be used at work should fulfill several requirements. One of them is that it should have a good battery life. While being at work, it is hard for people to leave what they are doing and recharge the headset. The Engage 65 comes with a talk time of 13 hours. You can charge this headset fully before going for work and then you would be able to use it for the whole of the next day. The Engage 65 offers a talk time that most headsets fail to offer. It can be easily used for long hours without any recharging. Headsets that have a low battery life cause a lot of disturbance for the user as they have to be recharged from time to time. If you are on an important call and the headset turns off due to lack of power, you can face a lot of inconveniences. An official call suddenly getting dropped can adversely affect the professional performance of the user.

  • How can indicate to people that you are busy and you do not wish to be disturbed? The Engage 65 has a very helpful option for this purpose. It has a busy indicator light. When you are on an important call and want to concentrate on it fully, you can put that light on. This would show people that you are not available to talk.

  • Work-related calls have a high priority level and require a high concentration level. You can lose your concentration when someone comes to you. When the busy indicator light is on, people around you would know that you are busy on an important call and should not be disturbed. The Engage 65 is one of the very few headsets with this facility.


Jabra Engage 75 Convertible Stereo Wireless Headset

The Jabra Engage 75 by Jabra is surely one of the best-rated noise cancellation headphones for office use. It comes with the following features.

  • Dealing with background noises is very easy when you are using the Jabra Engage 75 because it blocks all such noises. If you have a noisy working environment, it is necessary that you are using a headset with noise cancellation facility. Every headset does not block background sounds in a successful manner. However, the Jabra Engage 75 is a definite exception. It blocks the most disturbing sounds and one can easily work without any lapse of attention.

  • While being at work, you would have other people performing professional tasks around you. This would create noise. The Engage 75 would block these noises around you. If you are using this headset, you would not have to change your environment to hear the person at the other end clearly.
  • At times, users have to entertain a large number of calls on a daily basis. You may get a call from your boss regarding an important assignment. To concentrate on the call properly, you would want the hearing device to be comfortable. The Jabra Engage 75 is light weighted and does not exert any weight on the head or neck of the user. As a result, you can easily wear it for as long as you wish to.

  • When you are using a wireless headset, the battery life is an important parameter. Working employees do not have the time to recharge their headset after short time intervals. This headset has a talk time of 13 hours making it perfect for office usage. Once you have charged this headset fully, you can forget about charging it again for 13 hours. It is not one of the headsets that have to be charged from time to time and it is feasible for long hours of communication.

  • Wi-Fi interferences can prove to be very irritating. If a user is on an important call, it can get suddenly dropped due to these interferences. With the Jabra Engage 75, this does not happen as the headset has DECT technology that eliminates all kinds of Wi-Fi interferences. Now, you do not have to be apprehensive about calls getting dropped due to Wi-Fi interferences.

  • When you are at work, you would be coordinating and communicating with other employees as well. However, no one wants to be disturbed while being involved in an important conversation. If you are using the Jabra Engage 75, you can use the busy indicator light feature and let people know that you do not wish to be disturbed.

There is no doubt that Jabra has been producing the finest headphones for a long time. Noise cancellation is a mandatory factor if you are choosing a headphone for official usage. Work-related communication needs to be dealt with concentration and background noises cause a lot of disturbance. Jabra headsets with noise cancellation are simply perfect for work-related communication. With these headsets, the user can communicate in any environment irrespective of how noisy it is. Along with that, Jabra headsets have the best standards of comfort. Hence, you can wear them for long hours without feeling any tiredness.