How to Use Plantronics Bluetooth HeadsetsPosted On: Jan-04-2018  By: Alex George

How to Use Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets

Plantronics is one of the best companies making Bluetooth Headsets? This is because Plantronics devices are easier for the users to use. When a user invests his hard earned money to buy a hearing device, he prefers it to be easy usage. If you need to go through lengthy procedures or have to tolerate a complicated control set, you would get irritated. This is definitely not the case when you are using Plantronics Bluetooth headsets.

There are several factors which make things easy for the users that how to use Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets.

Easy to wear headsets with a stable grip

Consider that you are running out of time for a meeting and climbing the stairs while wearing your Plantronics Bluetooth headset over your ear. What kind of problems would you face if your headset comes off and falls down? This does happen when your headset has problems with its grip. When a headset does not have a stable grip, it would fall off. This can cause many problems for the user particularly when he is at work and run out of time.

But, users who are using any of the Plantronics Bluetooth headsets, they do not even have to think that the headset would come off as this does not happen. Plantronics Bluetooth headsets have a good grip. This means that you can move from one place to the other without fearing that your headset would come off. These headsets are comfortable and have a very stable grip. In other words, users can move from one place to the other even while wearing a hearing device.

How to use Plantronics Bluetooth headsets while being in noisy environments?

The key purpose of a high-quality headset is to help the user in communicating. For instance, if you are using a headset that allows all the noises in your background to enter your ear, there is no point in buying such a headset. When it comes to using Plantronics headsets in noisy environments, users do not need to worry about anything.

Plantronics headsets are equipped with high standard and dependable noise cancellation options. This means that the noises present in your background would not enter your ear and cause any kind of disturbance for you. As a user, you would not have to change your place to ensure that noises around you do not cause any kind of disturbance for you.

Background sounds can cause many problems for the user particularly when he is at work and busy in a task that requires attention. With Plantronics Bluetooth headsets, you do not have to worry about these noises as they would not cause any kind of disturbance for you. Plantronics Bluetooth headsets block all kinds of background sounds so that users do not need to change their environments to listen to the voice of the caller in a clear manner.

People who work in call centers usually have problems in hearing what their clients are saying if they do not have a headset with noise cancellation options. A call center has several agents working together and talking to their respective clients at the same time. Thus, for each agent to listen to his respective client in a clear manner, it is important that he does not get disturbed due to the sounds in the background. In other words, call center professionals need to use headsets with noise cancellation facility. Considering this professional need, Plantronics headsets prove to be suitable for call center professionals.

Whether you are working as a call center professional or as a part of any other profession that requires you to wear headsets, Plantronics headsets would suit you. While wearing these headsets, you would not have to be worried about having a noisy environment around you. Even if you are present in an environment that is loud, you would be able to hear the person whom you are talking to in a very clear manner.

How to use Plantronics Bluetooth headsets for both personal and work-related communication?

Work-related calls do not end once you leave the office for home. You may get an important call from your boss while you are driving or having dinner. Keeping your smartphone with you at all times is a cumbersome process. If you a wireless headset with you, you can receive calls whenever you want. In some cases, picking your smartphone to make or receive a call is quite hard even if your smartphone is placed next to you. For instance, if you are driving and you get a call, it would be hard for you to pick your smartphone and answer the call. As compared to this, receiving a call using a headset is a much easier option.

To wear a headset for the whole day, there are some important selection parameters which the customer should focus on.

Long enough battery life to prevent constant recharging

No user wants his headset to get turned off when he is on an important call or listening to something. This problem is faced by users who use headsets with low battery life. When you are using a headset with a battery life of one or two hours, you would be required to connect it to the charger every now and then. This is not required if you are using a Plantronics wireless headset. On the least scale, Plantronics wireless headsets have a talk time of 5 to 6 hours. Thus, users do not need to carry a charger with them at work. When your headset has been charged, you can use it for almost a full working day.

Choose a wearing style according to the usability requirements

The wearing style is an important factor when you are choosing a headset. Users select a wearing style according to their professional requirements and duration for which the headset has to be worn. For instance, consider that you are working as a customer support professional and need to buy a headset for work-related purposes only. For customer support professionals, the “over the head” wearing style is recommended the most.

Customer support professionals need to fill forms and perform other typing tasks when they are communicating with the customer. Consider that you make a call to the support department of your bank and ask about your recent withdrawals. To entertain your query, the support representative would be required to perform some typing tasks. Thus, if you are working in the customer support industry, you should opt for a headset that can be worn using the “on the head” wearing style.

People who need to use the same headset usually opt for a headset worn using the “on the ear” or “over the ear” wearing style. As compared to a headset that is worn on the head, these headsets are much easier to manage particularly when you need to wear the headset for the whole day. For instance, when you talk about remote IT professionals, they are in constant communication with their clients.

Hence, they have to take calls even when they are on the street. Considering this need, Plantronics headsets like Voyager 5200 UC or Voyager Edge prove to be convenient for them. If you are searching for a Plantronics headset that can be worn for the entire day without any hassle, hearing devices that are worn using the “on the ear” or the “over the ear” wearing style would prove to be suitable for you.

How to use Plantronics Bluetooth headsets for softphone business applications?

These days, most organizations use softphone applications to interact with both internal and external stakeholders. These applications prove to be cheaper than dedicated telephone lines. Plantronics Bluetooth headsets are compatible with almost every softphone communication application including Skype. To use your Plantronics Bluetooth headset for communication through these applications, you need to complete the steps listed below.

First of all, the Plantronics wireless headset needs to be paired with your computer. The pairing process varies on a slight scale according to operating system version. At times, users complete the pairing process but still face problems in hearing the voice of the person they are talking to. If you go through a similar problem, you should check the position of your headset microphone. Is it in front of your mouth? If not then, you should reposition the microphone.

If you have an old Bluetooth version on your computer, you would be unable to complete the pairing process. If you have an old Bluetooth version installed, run an update or uninstall the outdated version and replace it with the latest one. Plantronics Bluetooth headsets are compatible with softphone applications whether they are installed on your computer or smartphone.

In the present technological world, you can communicate from anywhere at any time. Business requirements have also become more rigorous with these technological advancements. Working professionals need to handle work-related communication from their home while being at the gym and even driving. If you are using softphone applications like Skype or Lync, you need to be sure that your headset is compatible with these applications. As a customer, you would not be disappointed if you are using a Plantronics Bluetooth headset.

Plantronics wireless headsets are compatible with all used softphone business applications including Skype, Skype for Business and Lync. Once your headset is paired with your computer, you can communicate wherever you are. At times, you may not be present in front of your computer while being on a call. If you are using Plantronics Bluetooth headsets, it is not necessary to sit in front of the computer at all times when you are communicating. When you get connected, you can move around, use the treadmill and warm your food while communicating at the same time. Plantronics Bluetooth headsets have a very impressive wireless range so the user can communicate while being at a distance from their computer.

Key points related to headset charging

A Bluetooth headset needs to be charged when it is low on battery. If your headset has a long battery life, it would turn off after small time spans. At times, you need to use your headset and you do not have the time to recharge it. This is when a headset with a good battery talk time makes the difference.

Corporate executives, gamers, music lovers and all other users who use wireless headsets find Plantronics headsets more preferable because they offer better talk time options. To use these hearing devices, you do not need to have a headset charger at all times. Other than that, you do not have to cancel an important conference call only because your headset does not have enough battery power. Plantronics headsets have attractive battery talk times. Other than that, you do not need to stop your communication for a long time as Plantronics headsets get recharged very. Most Plantronics headsets get 20% percent charged when they are connected to the charger for fifteen minutes.

Using Voice commands and understanding voice alerts

Plantronics wireless headsets actually make life much easier for the users. When you are busy at work and you get a call, you would have to put what you are doing on a hold and receive the call. To check the name of the caller, you would have to glance at your smartphone. This can cause the disturbance if you are busy in something important. For example, consider that you are working on an important document and you get a call. But, you would not be able to determine whether the call is worth taking or not until you have a look at your smartphone.

Plantronics users do not need to go through such a complicated procedure because a lot of Bluetooth headsets produced by the company are equipped with voice commands.

Voice Commands and caller name announcement

If you are using a Plantronics Bluetooth headset with voice command feature, the name of the person calling you would be announced when there is an incoming call. This would help you in knowing about the person calling you without viewing your phone screen.  Besides to that, with the help of this feature, you can receive or decline calls even if your smartphone is not with you. If you think that the call is important and needs to be received, you can use the “Answer” voice command and talk to the person calling you. , if you do not want to receive the call at that time, you can ignore the call by using the “ignore” voice command. Handling incoming calls with the help of voice commands is much easier than using buttons as you do not have to search for the appropriate control.

Know your battery status through voice commands

What is the first thing that you need to check when you are about to make a long work-related call? If you are using a headset, you would need to check the battery status so that the call does not get dropped. With Plantronics headsets, you do not need to view the battery indicator and see if you have enough power left or not. By using a voice command, you can check the battery life of your headset whenever you want.

Voice Alerts and Low Battery Indicators

A headset with low battery life can create many problems for the user. We all have busy schedules at work. While being at work, you are usually expected to juggle several tasks at the same time. Thus, there is every chance that you may forget to recharge your headset and it would get turned off. It is hard to keep an eye on the battery status of your headset even if you do not have a lot of workloads. Some Plantronics Bluetooth headsets have a voice alert system to identify low battery status. With the help of this system, you would be able to charge your headset on time.

Answer calls as soon as you wear your headset

What is the first thing which you would do when you get an incoming call? You would search for the “answer button” and press it to hear the voice of the caller. If you wish to decline the call, you would use the required control. In a nutshell, you would be required to use buttons to receive or decline calls.

Some Plantronics headsets including Voyager Legend and Voyager Edge are embedded with the finest smart sensors. When you wear the headset, these sensors get activated without the use of any control. How does this help? When you get an incoming call, the name of the caller would be announced. If you think that you have the time to talk to the concerned person, you can hear his voice by using the related voice command. At times, we are too busy and wish to receive important calls only. If you are in the same situation, you can decline the call by using the appropriate voice command. This is a more convenient option for handling calls as compared to user controls.

Voice commands also help users when they to make calls. For instance, if you are using an ordinary headset and you wish to make a call, you would have to go through your smartphone phone book. At times, we need to make urgent calls and do not have the time to go throughout smartphone contact list.

If you are using a Plantronics Bluetooth headset, you would not have to think about any of this hassle. If you plan to make a call and talk to someone, speak the name of the caller with the appropriate voice command and the call would be made. This shows that Plantronics Bluetooth headsets are a lot more advanced than what other brands produce. Thus, you talk about how to use Plantronics Bluetooth headsets, there would be no need to go through any complicated procedure to use any of the headset features.

Professional uses of Plantronics Bluetooth headsets

It is a fact that many people select Plantronics headsets for official usage. When you talk about how to use Plantronics Bluetooth headsets at work, it does depend a lot on the job description that you have.

A lot of IT professionals work and provide technical support to their clients. If you are working as a remote IT professional, you would have to be in regular contact with the other team members and customers. A quality headset is a necessity if you plan to carry out all your calls. This is where Plantronics Bluetooth headsets come into play.

People who use Plantronics headsets have a clear idea about the outstanding call quality that they offer. These hearing devices are compatible with used softphone business applications and social media calling platforms. Thus, if you are working as a remote software programmer, networking expert or database administration, a high standard Plantronics Bluetooth headset is what you need.

Plantronics headsets portray outstanding standards

Nothing is for free and when you are spending your hard earned money to buy something, you would want to get nothing but the best. Plantronics does not convince customers about its impeccable quality level by making verbal claims. The quality headsets highlight the standard which the company has.

Plantronics does not produce hearing devices for corporate use only. You can find several headsets according to your choice if you are a regular gamer or something who listens to his favorite daily radio show. Along with that, the prices of Plantronics headsets differ with the features that they have. This helps you in picking the correct headset when you have a defined financial limit.