Ipitomy Telephones and Plantronics HeadsetsPosted On: Jan-03-2017  By: Bob Fadi

Ipitomy Telephones and Plantronics Headsets

Bluetooth technology is very popular and common these days. People are using smart phones which are incorporated with the technology so that they can perform sharing and communication with others without paying additional costs to the GSM providers. Another common use of the Bluetooth technology is for the receiving calls directly into the ear without connecting the phone to the ear. Yes, these days it is very common to communicate over the phone without any wired medium in between but only using the Bluetooth rays. The connection is established in between the client i.e. the phone and the Bluetooth headset by pinging and providing the relevant security level details. It is very easy to use and there is no requirement for the specific learning and training skill before making use of the Bluetooth headsets. Plantronics is the best solution providers for the market of headset communication which is either for the personal use or dealing with the demands of the employees who are working in some call centre or customer response centres. The Bluetooth functionality is added in the simple telephones which are being provided by the Ipitomy phones that are incorporating the support for connecting the headsets with it. The call answering and hanging up is handled easily and no additional headache is encountered when the person is away from the desk and is getting intimation in the headset of incoming calls so that he can handle them from every location.

Communication and Interaction Using Plantronics

The performance of the employees can be increased as they could answer more frequent calls and the free time can be reduced. They can take calls during the coffee break and also in the lunch time when they are away but are within the range of 100m which is specified for best quality results. These headsets are approximately compatible with almost all the devices available in the market. As the employee hands are free so he can move the things here and there if needed during the call time may be in order to provide the relevant information. Communication was never so simple before but due to the hassle of workplace the employee get fatigued so now simple solution is produced which is simple to use and is easy to implement.

Increasing Company’s Name in Market & User’s Satisfaction

Customers are given the chance to interact directly with the employees and customer representatives which can listen to the issues and can play their part in satisfying the customer by making use of the Bluetooth technology and answering them as soon as possible. Moreover, many customers are now in contact with the employees and the mean time of communication can be reduced and the level of customers can be enhanced and so does their loyalties are attached to the company. The overall increase in the company’s goodwill and the profit is witnessed due to which more customers will be interactively participating in the use and computer interaction.