Jabra Evolve 65 Duo Wireless Bluetooth HeadsetPosted On: Oct-30-2018  By: J.WICK

Jabra Evolve 65 Duo Wireless Bluetooth Headset


Wireless headsets are most preferred in this busy and modern world as it saves much time. Apart from saving time, it also provides free movement and comfortable communication. These are developed by using high-quality modern technology to provide the best solutions to the customers. It contains so many useful features, which serve the best for concentrating on calls and focusing on them easily. It can serve both purposes that are working and entertainment as well.

It has a much flexible microphone, which can be easily moved to set it according to your need. It has long battery timing and Jabra also provides a 2-year warranty on these headsets. Let us discuss the detailed features and usage of Jabra Evolve 65 Duo Wireless Headset. As after having detailed information about it, you will not be able to resist yourself from getting this amazing device for communication.


These are much flexible and easy to use as these are wireless and can provide free movement. These are wireless and can be easily connected via Bluetooth to any of the devices. This Bluetooth connectivity provides you the freedom to move around freely by connecting headset with PC, mobile or tablet. You can attend and make calls through the button at headset without having mobile or PC in front of you. This is so flexible that the office headset can be easily converted to the personal headset. The microphone is so flexible that you can easily adjust it according to your requirement.

Stay Concentrated

Focus and concentration is the main concern while making a call to easily understand the message. The noise cancelling quality of these headsets makes it easy to concentrate on call. As when you are, making a call from any of the open environment office or noisy area it becomes difficult to concentrate on call. It has easy to wear and soft cushioned earpieces, which helps to resist extra voices to enter the ear. It has a busy light indicator, which helps other employees to get alert message that the headset is busy at the moment. This busy light can keep the disturbance away from your calls and you can talk smoothly without any disturbance.

Excellent Quality Communication

It has an excellent and HD voice quality, which conveys the message clearly. It provides a plug and plays installation for your headsets. You can easily install these headsets with PC, mobile or tablet so that you do not need to stay there all the time in front of these devices. Speakers and microphones are manufactured so sharply that they provide the crystal clear voice. As it is duo headset, so it provides a unified communication by both of its earpieces. These are easy to wear for the whole working day, as they have to cushion on earpieces. It has 10 hours talk time so you can easily communicate whole day with single time charge.

Applications of Jabra Evolve 65 Duo Bluetooth Headset

It can be fitted at offices where employees do not have much time to call through phones and PCs. They can use these headsets without any restriction to keep on communicating while moving around in the office.

It is much suitable for employees who have to communicate for too many hours for the job of receptionist or of the call centre. They need to have called for a longer period of time so they can use this comfortable headset, which has cushioned earpiece. Cushions on earpieces provide help in keeping ears comfortable and easy, as keeping the phone with your ears is not good for your health as well. They can also concentrate completely on their calls as cushions of earpiece keeps extra voices away and you can only listen to the real message.

You can also make Skype calls with your business associates and other employees by using this Jabra Evolve 65 Duo Wireless Bluetooth Headset. This will help you in dealing with others on skype easily and comfortably. You can completely concentrate on your call without interrupting your connection. With the help of busy light, you can also maintain the connectivity of calls as no other employee or user can make a call when they get signal through the busy light.

It can be used at offices where there is too much noise or disturbance because of any reason. As it cancels extra noise and conveys a clear message to both of the sides. Through this, you can easily communicate by moving freely within the range of 100 feet.

In addition to working purpose, it also serves best for listening to the music. It gives an excellent experience of listening music as it has an excellent voice quality. You can enjoy music while working, can keep yourself free from the surrounding environment, and can concentrate on your entertainment.