Jabra Evolve 80 Stereo , USB and 3.5mm Connection Duo Corded Headset

Having an amazing and stylish headset, which also perfectly fits with your PC, laptop or mobile, is so difficult. However, Jabra is being tried so hard to eradicate this difficulty in the business world. In addition to work, users of headsets also want clear-cut calls and music for enjoyment. Having a perfectly compatible and comfortable headset is possible by getting this Jabra. As Jabra is been providing an amazingly large range of headsets whether these are mono/duo, Bluetooth connectivity or corded etc.

These are containing different features, which makes them unique from others as they can provide an amazingly different experience.

Flexible Enough:

Jabra Evolve 80 Duo Stereo Headset is a professional headset designed perfectly to improve the conversation at a larger level. It is corded and can be connected by USB cable by plugging it into the USB port. This will provide amazing connectivity, which is much flexible and can provide a free hand to move around while using the headset. It has 3.5mm jack stick present in the control unit, which enables the user to freely connect the headset with PC, laptop or mobile phone.

Control unit also provides easy and comfortable access to the buttons, which are mostly used to control the call or music. These buttons usually include the voice button through which the user can freely change the volume according to their need. This control unit provides much flexibility as one can easily control all the important functions through this unit without disturbing the conversation. When the user is not making a call or is sitting in the car for traveling they can also enjoy music by integrating the microphone in a headband to use them as a simple headset.

More Focused Conversation:

Its duo quality makes it much preferable to use for making calls more focused. As these duo earpieces contain an efficient ear cushion which along with comfort also provides isolation. These are designed in a way that these can easily cancel out the noise for providing a clear conversation. This will help you build a concentrated environment around you so that you can easily concentrate on your major job. Along with the excellent quality audio and calls, one can also get an astonishing and stylish look. The employee who is using this headset is much safe from ear damage as it provides clearly and strictly filtered audio to the ear. It also has a busy light indicator, which makes the conversation more concentrated and focused. As this light gives an alert message to other users that, this handset is busy so that no one will interrupt your call.

Unified Communication:

Its duo nature provides a fascinating and excellent quality unified conversation as the person is listening from both of the earpieces equally. These earpieces also contain ear cushions so that the audio will get isolated and the user can only listen to the main message. You can get totally isolated from your surrounding but can also listen to the other person as well by lowering down the volume by control unit present at the headset. It provides a great utility for many purposes in working and entertainment efficiently.

Noisy and Open Air Offices:

Their efficient and excellent quality noise cancelling quality cannot be challenged by any other device. It provides an effective noise-cancelling feature, which filters out extra things from the conversation to concentrate and focus more on the main purpose. One can easily use this Jabra Evolve 80 Headset at the open-air office as it has much noise, which needs to be managed to clearly understand what the other person is saying. It also provides help to the user when he or she is not interested in listening to any other person. One can also completely enjoy music without any sort of disturbance.

Comfortable To Wear For Heavy Duty:

The jobs in which a person needs to have long conversations with the clients on phones this can efficiently help the worker. As keeping phone all, the time with your ear is so difficult and along with difficulty, it also causes damage to your ear. This is easy to wear the design as it can be easily worn at the head like a headband. Along with its amazingly stylish design, it also has cushions available at earpiece, which makes it easy and comfortable to wear for the whole day.

As the employees working at call, Centre’s need to concentrate on their client while calling. If the headset is comfortable, they can more focus on persuading their clients. In addition, in case if the headset is not much comfortable then it will not make the worker comfortable to work efficiently so choosing an efficient and excellent quality headset is more important if you want your business to flourish faster.