Plantronics C725 USB Computer/PC HeadsetPosted On: Jan-03-2017  By: Bob Fadi

Plantronics C725 USB Computer/PC Headset

Headsets are becoming more and more popular these days due to the introduction of the user centred approach in many important and famous multi-national companies where the major focus is customer’s response and feedback related to products and services of the company. Due to this reason many companies are offering stylish headsets which are equipped with latest technology in the field of communication and handling voice calls. Plantronics had surpassed many other competitors in the market by providing the best and unmatched quality services for the customers. Many call centres and customer care centres are using the headsets which are being provided by Plantronics due to their support. The recent introduction in this regard is the Plantronics C725 USB Computer/PC Headset which is equipped with amazing features which are responsible of providing the customers with quality conversation using the phone calls.

Latest Technology for Headsets

The headset is embedded with sensors which work when the user puts on the headset and if during that time any call is incoming then the headset is capable of automatically answering the calls. This is undoubtedly a new technology and the user might not have to find and remember the buttons for answering and ending the calls. With these kinds of advancements, trends in the modern technology are also changing and so does the requirements of the offices. Employees in this respect are also demanding latest features and accessories for their working environment so that best results can be generated. The headset is easy to wear and provide comfort to the employee while wearing and working as it is light so it can be worn without any effort and extra weight carried on the head. Plantronics C725 USB Computer/PC Headset is durable and long lasting which does not deteriorate in the early stages of usability and will cost the company minimum amounts.

Web Based Quality Calling

The calls handled by the Plantronics C725 USB Computer/PC Headset are VoIP which are from the web based calling clients using some intermediate web based bridge for calling like skype, Microsoft Lync and many others. The headset is responsible of cancelling the noise which is from the environment and is causing disturbance in the calls of the customer to the representative. The call quality can therefore be improved and people can converse on some topic clearly. This can therefore enable the employees to communicate easily in a crowd and noisy environment.

Controlling Functions of Headsets

There are some controls which are provided to the user in order to perform some basic tasks with the help of simple one-touch interaction. It is allowed to answer or end the call with a single button, there is the button for muting the call and the voice can be increased or decreased so that it could be adjusted to the level which is suitable in the environment. The headset is powered on and off with a button and also the noise cancellation feature can be enabled by pressing the provided button.