PLANTRONICS SHS 2371 at Discounted Prices

SHS 2371 is a USB portable Headset adapter manufactured by Plantronics with some surprising features. Along with the other push- to- talk products availability at, SHS 2371 is also offered at a rate easily affordable by the headset users. It is basically a switch that connects with the headset, aiming to offer the users comfort while communicating.


According to Plantronics, the push- to- talk adapter can be utilized with VoIP communications, speech recognition, training simulators and at every other place where high- quality USB audio with digital PTT signal is needed. This push- to- talk adapter works with Dual channel headsets, offering guaranteed comfort to the users with compatible Plantronics headsets. Additionally, the adapter is said to be dependent on products which are the justified standard for Public Safety Dispatch and Air Traffic Control. USB palm mic is also offered as per the customer’s request.

The portability of SHS 2371 can be evidenced through its size and the control that it offers. The finishing of the product makes it a ravishing one to be directly purchased at a quick glance. The adapter compatibility with the standard USB drivers and the single button game controller makes it impressive for entire- day working professional whose job is entirely dependent on dealing with clients via communication.
Discovering the headsets with which SHS 2371 can work, it has been revealed that various headset model owners utilize this USB portable PTT adapter in order to attain the comfort that might not be achieved via direct connect.

Which Headset models you must have?

To enjoy the level of comfort from the SHS 2371 PTT Adapter, one must have the following Plantronics headsets models; 

  • SHS 2371- 01
  • SHS 2355- 01
  • SHS 2362- 01
  • SHR 2073- 01


Considering the fact that various Adapters offer a compromise to the call quality i.e a disruption between the call might offer a negative influence of the professional towards the client. In such a situation, guarantees a crystal- clear communication via use of SHS 2371- PTT Adapter. No compromise in quality is made by Plantronics. Unlike other local adapters, this PTT Plantronics adapter can be used when a user intends to listen to music.
The time to connect the PTT adapter is completely a matter of user’s choice.

Looking for the one? is near you to assist you with regards to the purchase of the product at the best rates, never received before. The most selling products along with SHS 2371 includes Plantronics USB Audio Processor, Cisco SPA3o2D Multi-line DECT headset, Polycom SoundPoint 2200- 12750- 025 IP Phone Expansion Module, Plantronics EHS Cable APA- 23 (Alcatel) and Plantronics APC- 4 Headset Hook Switch Control Adapter.
With, this PPT product is available in both stereo and monaural version. Place your order to get your product at the earliest time. Note that Push- to- talk adapters are now available with USB interface. Enhance the level of your working environment via the use of such innovative products (specifically designed for the user’s comfort).