Role of Plantronics in Avaya HeadsetsPosted On: Nov-08-2016  By: Bob Fadi

Role of Plantronics in Avaya Headsets

Plantronics and Avaya are in Partnership for more than 40 years, offering communication solution by establishing a deep level of technological integration. They are together, empowering the excellence of contact centers and develops an enhanced audio and video experience for all types of businesses. For the purpose of enabling complete and seamless integration for the users, most of the Plantronics headsets are certified with Avaya technology.

Some of the common Plantronics headsets equipped with Avaya technology include the following;

ENCOREPRO 710/ 720

ENCOREPRO 710/720 is a renowned headset in ENCOREPRO 700 series, specifically designed for call center representatives. It is a slim and stylish headset, equipped with satin finish. Telescoping microphone alongside the pivoting boom delivers clear- cut and private conversations. Plantronics and Avaya, together they offer long term reliability via minimizing operational disruption and costly downtime, lightweight, extremely durable cables, etc. Design of this headset is an award- winning.

ENCOREPRO 510/ 520

ENCOREPRO 500 series is a new generation of headsets. It is a customer service headset, in user’s budget with a variety of features. Customer interaction is improved with ENCOREPRO 520 (binaural version) as both the ears are covered, blocking background noise.


One of the demanded Plantronics headsets, equipped without a single compromise with three most flexible wearing styles (over- the- head, behind- the- neck, over the ear). Being a part of all-new generation series, i.e. ENCOREPRO 500, this headset is simple to use and delivers exemplary fit and finish. It features high- quality audio, durability, flexible mic with positioning guide, etc to make it premium for the buyers. Light- weight comfort makes it all- day wearing.

SAVI 745

SAVI 745 is an addition in the SAVI 700 series by Plantronics. It is a simple wireless headset, allows users to make safe and secure conversations with an inclusion of the latest standards in DECT wireless security.

SAVI 440.

With regards to SAVI 440, Plantronics has tried enhancing Avaya’s reputation due to the addition of utmost features. The entire series offers highest level of wearing style choice. This is the lightest DECT headset, offering superior audio quality.

Avaya and Plantronics are a great combination if intends to offer a zero compromise sound solution to the consumer. A Plantronics headset with Avaya technology are the most demanded headsets for the purpose of clear communication or even if one plans to release stress via listening to the music for hours. Furthermore, to create an effortless engaging experience for the customers, Avaya and Plantronics announces a joint development agreement. 
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