The best Noise Cancelling Headset by PlantronicsPosted On: Jan-03-2017  By: Bob Fadi

The best Noise Cancelling Headset by Plantronics

In the telephone headset solution industry, Plantronics is the leader. It is specifically known for the technology, design and durability. Since 1961, the company has served headsets that can be utilized in offices, homes and call centers. To maintain its position as a market leader, it is continuously making efforts by adding advanced features to its headsets, one of which is Noise cancelling microphone.

Noise cancelling microphone is a microphone, designed to filter ambient noise from the desired sound, i.e. it eliminates the unwanted background noise that might distract a person while communicating or listening to the music. Most of Plantronics headsets include this feature, BACKBEAT PRO being the best. Hence, making it ideal for the busy office environment.


It is a wireless headset with noise cancelling microphone and a mic. The best of its features are as follows;
It stays charged for a longer period, thereby allowing the user to create a longer playlist. Its 24 hours continuous streaming power along with a handy audio cable offers one to listen music and watch movies for as long as they want to. The addition of power- saving features that include, hibernation mode, ANC, etc. keeps the battery charged for a longer period.
Active Noise cancelling saves you from the world, if you intend to stay out of it, i.e. it lets one focus in a moment. In addition, if one wishes to get back to the world, the headset offers OpenMic feature for the purpose of controlling the ambient noise (level required).

On- ear control permits one to stream audio from up-to 100 meters away. In case that a call rings when you are busy watching a movie, one can switch connection to answer smartphone.

Years of experience gained in audio and communication technologies, Plantronics understands the ways to deliver crisp high, natural midtones and rich bass of your music via headphone in a comfortable manner. Other than those mentioned above, this headset by Plantronics offers over- the- head wearing style, making it comfortable for the users. The adjustable soft headband makes it an all- day- wearing headset.