Top Ten Best Features in Jabra Engage 65

The Jabra Engage 65 Stereo & Mono is a wireless headset that boasts amazing features. It is engineered so as to be a powerful professional wireless headset. If you are thinking of getting a wireless headset then continue reading on to find out 10 features in the Jabra Engage 65 that you can benefit from.

1. Amazing Wireless Performance

The Jabra Engage 65 has industry-leading wireless performance. It is, therefore, possible to have better customer connections. You can easily work away from your desk while still maintaining your wireless connection.

This will be such that it will not badly impact you and your customers. This wireless headset has 150 meters or 490 feet DECT wireless range. Sometimes you may just feel like moving around the office whilst listening to calls, this is possible with the Jabra Engage 65.

2. Forget About Wireless Capacity Issues

With the Jabra Engage Series, you can expect 3 times as many individuals to work wirelessly and that within the same office space.

3. Benefit From Clear Calls

One important feature that you need to consider when getting a wireless headset is the quality of calls that it will provide. You will definitely want one that has good quality calls as you do not want to disappoint customers due to a bad connection.

The Jabra Engage 65 has the wonderful advanced noise-canceling microphone as well as enhanced speakers that aim to give you really clear calls even when you are in a noisy office.

If you work in a call center then this is probably a noisy place therefore, you will need a wireless headset that will not disturb you and the customer with this noise. The Jabra Engage 65 meets Skype for the Business Open Office requirements.

4. Enjoy Constant Sound Levels

The Jabra Engage 65 wants you to have a comfortable experience when you are using it. You will get the constant sound levels to feature throughout the day with this wireless headset.

This is because the speaker software present is able to separate noise specifically from speech, therefore reducing user stress. You can adjust all your incoming calls to your preferred user-defined sound level. This remains constant so as to give you complete day comfort. Choose to set the sound level to 50 dB, 65 dB, and 80 dB.

5. Do Not Get Interrupted by Colleagues

Do you find it annoying when a colleague interrupts you whilst you are busy on a call with a customer? The customer may also get annoyed due to this. Therefore getting a wireless headset that can reduce the interruption can turn out to be beneficial.

This wireless headset aims to increase productivity by making you have fewer interruptions. There is a busy light which behaves like an effective do-not-disturb signal for your colleagues.

6. Wonderful Battery Life

The Jabra Engage 65 has all-day battery life. You will get till 13 hours’ talk time with this. When you do have to charge it, then the fast charge feature is able to power this headset to 40% and that in just 30 minutes. Therefore you do not need to stress about its battery life.

7. Be Able to Connect to Two Devices and that at One Time

This wireless headset allows you to be able to connect to two devices and that at one time. It is possible to connect to your desk phone and also softphone. Therefore you can increase availability for calls.

8. Choice of Wearing Options

You can choose from the wearing options so as to get the device which will suit your work style. You can choose the Headband (Stereo), Headband (Mono) and Neckband (Mono).

With the soft ear cushions, you can get complete day comfort as well as a secure fit. You need to know that the neckband tends to be available as an optional accessory specifically for Engage 65 Mono.

9. Get Premium Usability as well as Build

This wireless headset wants you to have a seamless call experience. You can easily answer as well as end calls, mute and even adjust volume employing the intuitive controls located on the headset.

10. Get a Modern Base and Small Footprint

It is easy to use due to the one-touch buttons that are there for answering, ending and even muting calls. It also has battery life along with connectivity indicators.

Enjoy the above features with the Jabra Engage 65 Stereo & Mono.