Top Ten Best Features in Jabra Engage 75

If you are interested in getting the Jabra Engage 75 then you will want to know about its exciting features. The Jabra Engage 75 Stereo & Mono claims to be engineered so as to be a really powerful professional wireless headset. Read on to find out the top ten features of this headset.

1. Has industry-Leading Wireless Performance

This allows you to be able to work away from your desk and still keep a wireless connection which will not disappoint you as well as your customers. You will get 150 meters or 490 feet DECT amazing wireless range.

2. Get Rid of Wireless Capacity Issues

With this headset, there can be 3 times more users within the same office space. Therefore you can simply overcome those annoying wireless capacity issues.

3. Calls That Are Really Clear

Any wireless headset that you want to get, you will want it to have crystal-clear calls so that your customers and also your call representatives do not get disturbed by anything. The Jabra 75 boasts having clear calls, therefore, enhancing the customer experience.

The advanced noise-canceling type of microphone along with enhanced speakers are able to provide crystal-clear calls also when the office is noisy. Call centers are often noisy environments and you do not want this noise to be disturbing.

4. Constant Sound Levels Across the Day

A wireless headset should be comfortable so that the person making the call does not feel hindered by any uncomfortable feature in the wireless headset. The Jabra 75 has speaker software which separates noise specifically from speech, limiting user stress.

Any incoming calls are able to get adjusted to some user-defined sound level which remains constant allowing all-day comfort to be achieved. You can set the preferred sound level of your choice. It can be 50 dB, 65 dB, and also 80 dB.

5. A Secure Wireless Headset

The Jabra Engage 75 takes security within wireless calls to an amazing level. It features patented pairing, DECT Security Level C, 256-bit AES encryption, as well as 128-bit authentication.

6. Get Less Interruptions

If you want a wireless headset that will let you increase productivity and have fewer interruptions then consider this one. The busy light behaves like a do-not-disturb type of sign for your colleagues. You can switch this on and off.

When it is on your colleagues will know you are busy and not disturb you. It is really annoying getting disturbed when busy on a call.

7. Good Battery Life

When getting a wireless headset to check out the battery life. It may be better to get one that has good battery life. The Jabra Engage 75 boats all-day battery life.

You can get up until 13 hours’ amazing talk time. When you wish to charge this wireless headset, the fast charge feature is able to power the headset specifically to 40% and that in only 30 minutes.

8. Be Able to Connect Up Till Five Devices at One Time

If you get the Jabra Engage 75 then you can connect to five devices and that at one time. It is possible to connect to your desk phone, softphone, 2 Bluetooth devices, as well as an analog phone. Therefore you can increase availability for calls with this wireless headset.

9.  You Can Choose How You Want to Wear this Wireless Headset

If you need to use a wireless headset for nearly the whole day then you will want to find one that can be worn according to your preferences. This is because you will want one that is comfortable and will allow you to work productively without any disturbances.

The Jabar Engage 75 allows users to choose how to wear this headset to suit all workstyles. You can choose the Headband (Stereo), Headband (Mono) and Neckband (Mono). Choose the option that will suit you the best. The soft ear cushions, as well as additional padding upon the headband, provide all-day comfort along with a secure fit.

10. Premium Usability Plus Build

Get a seamless call experience with this wireless headset. You can easily answer and also end calls, mute plus adjusts the volume by using the handy intuitive controls present on the headset.

This wireless headset has a modern base and a small footprint. The intuitive touchscreen base is there for ease of use. It displays connected devices, battery life as well as call control.

The above are some exciting features of the Jabra Engage 75 Stereo & Mono.