Viking Electronics VK-VE-9X12R-2 Red Heavy Duty Outdoor Enclosure

Viking is one of the best companies dealing in emergency doors, emergency phones, video entry phones, and other similar devices. If you are looking for outdoor enclosures, the Viking Electronics VK-VE-9X12R-2 is one option which you should seriously consider. The VK-VE-9X12R-2 is a high-quality outdoor enclosure with a high level of durability and long life.

Here are some of the Key Features of the Viking Electronics VK-VE-9X12R-2:

The VK-VE-9X12R-2 is an outdoor enclosure with scratch-resistant quality. It comes with a protective coating that prevents the external body from getting scratched and losing color. This feature of VK-VE-9X12R-2 is important as this enclosure is installed outdoor when the body is exposed to harmful components. The scratch protection coating helps in keeping the body in good shape.

The VK-VE-9X12R-2 has a very heavy structure which prevents it from vandalism. Vandalism is a common problem if the outdoor installation is being done. The VK-VE-9X12R-2 is very strongly built and can survive vandalism without any problem. The Viking Electronics VK-VE-9X12R-2 offers multiple color options to the user. You can make a selection between red, yellow and black colors.

State of the Art Services by Viking for VK-VE-9X12R-2 Customers:

There is no doubt that Viking gives immense priority to its customers in every way.

The Company Backed Warranty for VK-VE-9X12R-2 Customers

When you are spending your hard-earned money to get an outdoor enclosure, you would necessarily want the product to have a proper company warranty. This is one area where Viking is a much better option than other companies. The VK-VE-9X12R-2 has a warranty period of one year. During this time span, if you figure out that there is a problem with the product, you can get a warranty claim.

Viking has a very simple process to get warranty claims. If you need to get a warranty claim for the VK-VE-9X12R-2, you do not need to fill any lengthy forms. If you have any ambiguity, you always have the chance of getting in touch with the customer support team of Viking.

Unlike various other companies, Viking does not offer customer support for a fixed number of hours every day. Viking provides round the clock customer support to customers using VK-VE-9X12R-2 and other products. Customers have questions related to the price of VK-VE-9X12R-2, its installation, features and other areas. 

We have 24/7 support which is highly experienced and reliable. Hence, as a customer, if you have a question at any time, you can email it to the support team, chat online with one of the support team members or call on the toll-free company number. The support team of Viking is highly efficient and customer queries are resolved in quick time.

Key Areas Where the Viking Electronics VK-VE-9X12R-2 is Used:

  • Outdoor enclosures are used in a number of areas and this increases their demand. In terms of quality, the VK-VE-9X12R-2 surpasses the quality level of similar products offered by other companies. Here are some key areas where this outdoor enclosure is used.
  • The Viking Electronics VK-VE-9X12R-2 is used commonly in parking areas where a phone is installed for communication purposes. The phone in a parking area is used by numerous people and is installed in outdoor. The VK-VE-9X12R-2 is used to do that the phone does not get damaged in any manner. In a parking area, the parking staff communicates between entrances to allow cars to come in and go out.
  • An emergency phone is installed in factor maintenance areas so that workers can communicate with their supervisors. In maintenance areas, an outdoor enclosure is necessary. The VK-VE-9X12R-2 is a better option than other outdoor enclosures available. It has a very strong built and the installation process is simple as well.  In an overall manner, the VK-VE-9X12R-2 is a highly recommended outdoor enclosure for maintenance areas.
  • Emergency phones are installed near swimming pools for handling urgent calls in case of emergencies. The VK-VE-9X12R-2 is commonly used outdoor enclosure near swimming pools. It has a simple and short installation procedure due to which it is preferred over other outdoor enclosures.
  • If you view the help areas structured on the roadside, you would notice that these areas have emergency phones installed. The VK-VE-9X12R-2 is a recommended outdoor enclosure for these phones. In most cases, you do not need a team of high profiled technical personnel to get the installation done. The VK-VE-9X12R-2 has a more stable structure than the alternatives available due to which it has a higher preference rate.

Overall Review

With so many outdoor enclosure options available, making a selection becomes quite hard. VK-VE-9X12R-2 is one of the best options due to a number of reasons.

The Viking Electronics VK-VE-9X12R-2 like all other Viking products has a proper company warranty. Hence, if there is any problem with the VK-VE-9X12R-2 during the warranty tenure, you can get the rectification done without spending any additional sums of money. This is one of the many reasons why users prefer VK-VE-9X12R-2.

The VK-VE-9X12R-2 comes with 24/7 customer support. Customers have the option of contacting the support team whenever they feel that a problem is there. Customers can contact the Viking support team through email, live chat, and telephonic contact options. The VK-VE-9X12R-2 is available in 3 colors and this gives users the option to make a selection according to their preferences.