VK-C-500 Viking Electronics Advanced Two Door Entry Phone Controller

There is no doubt that Viking is one of the best companies dealing indoor entry phone controllers, emergency phones, speakerphones, and various other devices. The Viking VK-C-500 is one of the high-quality door entry phone controllers available. The VK-C-500 has numerous impressive options including a call waiting option.

Call waiting tone for identifying door calls:

The VK-C-500 is a suitable door entry phone controller because the user does not have to get an additional telephone line for this purpose. In other words, this door controller can be successfully installed if an existing telephone line is being used. The VK-C-500 has an impressive call waiting option which is activated when the user is on an ongoing call on the home phone and there is a door entry call. In such situations, the VK-C-500 users would listen to a call waiting tone indicating that there is a door entry call. In an overall manner, the VK-C-500 has a very easy to use and systematic process.

One phone line can use a maximum of two Viking entry phones:

Even if you have to use two Viking entry phones, you do not need to pay for an additional phone line. With the VK-C-500, you can use a maximum of two Viking door entry phones with one phone line. The VK-C-500 offers features that most other door entry phone controllers fail to offer.

Key Applications of the VK-C-500:

The VK-C-500 is used for numerous purposes due to the diverse features that it has to offer. Some of these purposes are listed below.

Commercial and Residential Security

The VK-C-500 is used for entry phones that are installed at entrances of residential and commercial complexes:

  • At commercial buildings, a video entry phone is installed at the entrances. Most commercial buildings have multiple telephone lines being used at the same time. The VK-C-500 can be integrated with any one of these telephone lines. As the VK-C-500, can be integrated with an existing telephone line, corporate organizations do not need to procure an additional phone line for this purpose. The VK-C-500 also has a simple and easy to execute the installation process. Along with that, the installation of VK-C-500 enhances the security standard which is an important factor at commercial buildings.
  • The VK-C-500 is installed at entrances of residential buildings to increase the security standard. In residential buildings, access to each house has to be controlled so that unwanted incidents can be avoided. The VK-C-500 proves to be helpful for this purpose. When it is installed at entrances of residential buildings, it reduces the chances of security hazards.
  • The level of security is very important when you talk about high-security buildings. The access of people has to be monitored in an effective manner when it comes to security buildings. The VK-C-500 proves to be a very effective device for such buildings. Hence, the VK-C-500 is installed in high-security buildings on a global scale.

High standard round the clock customer support:

Viking has produced state of the art devices for its customers and the VK-C-500 is not an exception. Apart from the numerous benefits that Viking offers to its customers, state of the art customer support is one of them.

  • Whether you are using the VK-C-500 or any of the other products by Viking, you can expect the best standard of customer support. You do not need to have a look at your watch. This is because you can get customer support at all hours of the day Customers of VK-C-500, can get customer support at all hours of the day. If you have a query, you can send an email to the support team and your problem would be entertained on priority.
  • Usually, users do have ambiguities related to the features of VK-C-500. Round the clock customer support proves to be helpful in such situations. If have ambiguity or confusion, you can get in contact with the support team. Apart from sending an email, you can also chat online with one of the support team members. In an overall manner, you can get assistance for all VK-C-500 problems.

Proper Viking Warranty for VK-C-500 customers:

Buying a product without a warranty is not intelligent thinking in any manner. All Viking products have company warranty including VK-C-500. At times, customers figure out that the purchased product has problems when they start using it. If you are using the VK-C-500, you would not have to go through any such problems. This is because like all other Viking products, this product is also backed by a proper company warranty.

  • As a customer, you do not need to go through an unnecessarily lengthy process to get a warranty claim. Viking has a much simpler process for warranty claims as compared to other companies. When you figure out that you need to get a warranty claim, you can contact one of the support professionals and prompt assistance would be provided to you.
  • Viking does not apply any extra charges for any warranty claims.

Overall Review:

Buying a Viking product simply means that you would get your hands on a quality device. This is one of the key reasons why customers do not opt for any other company once they have purchased a Viking product.

The Viking VK-C-500 is an exceptional door entry phone controller by all means.  In terms of quality, it provides the best features to the customer. This door entry phone controller can be installed by following a simple and short procedure. Along with that, customers do not need to spend money on an additional phone line to use this product.

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