VK-E-50-SS Viking Electronics Video Entry Phone Stainless SteelPosted On: Oct-30-2018  By: J.WICK

VK-E-50-SS Viking Electronics Video Entry Phone Stainless Steel

There are some things that customers should keep in mind when they are purchasing an electronic product. One of them is the overall standard of the company. Viking Electronics has been producing quality electronic and communication products for a long time. Viking Electronics has also produces quality video entry phones. What is the key purpose of a video entry phone? It is meant to provide a lot of convenience to the user as he is able to view the person standing at the entrance without opening the door. The Viking VK-E-50-SS is a high quality video entry phone with the finest features. Here is what the Viking VK-E-50-SS puts on the table for the customers.

The key uses of the Viking VK-E-50-SS

Most video entry phones available cannot be used for multiple purposes. However, the Viking VK-E-50-SS is a definite exception.  It is an ideal communication device for both home and office use. Installing the Viking VK-E-50-SS at home proves to be helpful in a number of ways. For instance, you can view the person standing at the gate and do not need to open the door every time. As the Viking VK-E-50-SS can be connected to an existing telephone line, the user does not have to make any additional investments for purchasing telephone lines. The Viking VK-E-50-SS is ideal for home use and proves to be an economical purchase for users. In terms of usage, the Viking VK-E-50-SS can be used for both commercial and home usage.

Auto Answer Feature

When you are looking for a video entry phone, you would expect some features to be necessarily present. One of them is auto answering. The Viking VK-E-50-SS has a quality auto answering feature which helps in entertaining people when you are not at home. With the Viking VK-E-50-SS, someone who rings your doorbell would know that you are not available. Along with that, the auto answer feature of Viking VK-E-50-SS also proves to be helpful when you are busy and cannot entertain calls. For aged people who are not present to handle calls at all times, the auto answer feature of VIKING VK-E-50-SS proves to be very helpful.

Volume Adjustment for microphone and speakers

Every user has his own preferences for microphone and speaker volumes. If you are using the Viking VK-E-50-SS, you can adjust the volume of the microphone and speaker according to your preferences. For aged people, the volume of Viking VK-E-50-SS can be increased. Similarly, you can reduce the volume if you think that the volume is too loud.

No worries about Vandalism

Every gadget or device that is installed externally can be exposed to vandalism. Users of Viking VK-E-50-SS do not need to worry about this issue. The VK-E-50-SS has a strong and very stable structure. Once the VIKING VK-E-50-SS is installed, you can be sure that it would not get damaged. This exceptional video entry phone is made of stainless steel so it does not get broken or damaged in an easy manner.

Easy installation and compact structure

One should avoid buying gadgets that have a complicated installation process. The Viking VK-E-50-SS has a simple installation process that does not require a lot of time. Other than that, one does not need a large sized technical team to put in long hours for the installation process. The installation and setup process of Viking VK-E-50-SS is quite simple and easy to execute.

Company Warranty

Buying a technical product that does not have company warranty can prove to be suicidal and a lot of users do not understand this point. The Viking VK-E-50-SS is a Viking product and does not have any warranty problems.

  • Viking products are backed by company warranty and there is nothing different about the Viking VK-E-50-SS. Within the warranty tenure, if you have any problem with the Viking VK-E-50-SS, you can get your warranty claim without making any payments. The warranty claim process of the Viking VK-E-50-SS  is very simple and users do not need to go through a lengthy process to get their claims.

Customer Support

Viking is a state of the art company and offers the finest customer support to all the customers.  While using the Viking VK-E-50-SS or even before you have purchased it, you may have questions in your mind. For this purpose, you can get connected to the customer support team and address your question.

  • The support team of Viking is very experienced and ensures that customer queries are solved on time the best possible manner. If you have any query related to the VK-E-50-SS, you can get connected through email and live chat options. The support team of Viking is available 24/7 to entertain customer concerns.

Impressive Camera Resolution

For a video entry phone, the camera resolution is a very important parameter. Viking aims at producing best quality products for customers and the Viking VK-E-50-SS is key example.

  • The camera of the Viking VK-E-50-SS has high resolution and users find it very easy to view someone standing at a distance. As compared to the cameras of other video entry phones, the Viking VK-E-50-SS has a much better camera. Along with that, it does not get adversely affected due to high temperatures. A video entry phone installed should be able to handle high temperatures. The Viking VK-E-50-SS certainly has this quality and users do not need to worry about the camera getting spoilt due to high temperatures.

Overall Review

With so many options available for video entry phones, it is not easy for users to make the correct selection. Here is why the Viking VK-E-50-SS is a better option than the alternatives available.

  • The camera resolution of the Viking VK-E-50-SS is quite good and you can easily view people standing at your door without any clarity problems.

  • The Viking VK-E-50-SS has an auto answer feature which proves to be very helpful when you are not at home. It also proves to be helpful when you are bust at home and cannot entertain door calls.

  • The installation of the Viking VK-E-50-SS is quite simple can be completed in a short time span. Other than that, it is strongly built and does not get affected due to vandalism.