Why You Need a Lifter or EHS Cable with Your PlantronicsPosted On: Mar-21-2016  By: Bob Fadi

Why You Need a Lifter or EHS Cable with Your Plantronics

Headsets are being used in the companies and customer service centres where the customers are addressed related to their any issue which is considered to the problem under discussion. Wireless headsets are enabling the users to communicate by eliminating the wires which were spread all over the table prior to the calls which were answered by the customer centre officers. When the latest technologies are incorporated in the headsets then it is essential that the other accessories must be attached to them so that these technological gadgets can function to their fullest capacity of the device. A thing which must be kept in consideration is that the EHS cable or hand lifters must be joined to them so that the calls can be answered while the officers is actually away from the system and can’t get to the call on time and there is the chance of losing the customer which could be damaging for the company’s interest both long term and short term. The value and production of the companies can be increased if these trendy and latest EHS cables are being utilized in the companies as this could overall increase the employee’s investment in terms of time and efforts.

Features of Handset Lifter

EHS Cables or handset lifters are more commonly used as these are capable of intimating the user about the call even if the representative is away from the system by beeping in the ear so that they could become aware and attend the call from a distant location than their working desk. The call attending feature of the handset can become automated as the user can reduce the number of steps which are involved in the call attending and hanging up and sometimes make the user tired of working in the strenuous working environments. The users can’t miss their call so more customers can be catered in the same duration of time as always. The user can reduce the time to half in which they are able to cater the customers in the offices and customer care organizations. This could make the customer experience better and thus the increase in the sales can also be witnessed.

Working of the EHS Cable

Handset lifters work very simply and can be used on even the very basic phone sets of the traditional working environments. Once a user presses some button on the headset or dial pad the lifter lifts up the phone so that the user can pick the phone up as simulated by the phone. The lifter is attached to the phone using the adhesive tape so that this can be detached when not required or is required with some other headsets or telephones. There is an option between the usages of EHS cable or headset lifter in the newer handset phones which include built-in ports for headsets. After the installation the user can answer or hang the call up without lifting or putting the lifter as the process is handled by the modern device.