Why you Need VoIP HeadsetsPosted On: Jan-03-2017  By: Bob Fadi

Why you Need VoIP Headsets

Plantronics VOIP Headsets

A category of hardware and software which allows people to utilize internet as a communication medium for phone calls via addressing voice data in packets, making use of IP instead of traditional circuit transmission of the PSTN is commonly known as VoIP- Voice over Internet Protocol.
Plantronics VoIP Headsets lets the user listen, talk and play anywhere he/ she is sitting.

Top VoIP headsets

Plantronics being a superior brand in the headsets industry has manufactured some great headsets that are easily affordable by the people. Comfort, flexibility and reliability are superior features that all Plantronics VoIP headsets contain.

Home users, office workers and others demand these Plantronics VoIP headsets to experience the best. Wearing comfort and portability offered by Plantronics impresses the larger targeted audience.

Wired or Wireless

Plantronics VoIP headsets are either wireless or wired. Different products mean different features and different prices.

  • Audio 995- A wireless headset manufactured by Plantronics, offers digital sound for your personal computer. It is enriched with incredible features and can be used for listening music, making internet calls, podcast, DVDs and games.
  • Audio 648- Computer Headset perfectly designed for video calls, adds intuitive line control along with DSP and noise cancelling microphone for the purpose of conveying clear- cut communication. It is a Skype certified headset.
  • Audio 628- Headset specifically designed for online calls. It is Skype certified and adds intuitive inline control. It is equipped with Noise cancelling microphone and DSP to convey clearer conversations.
  • Audio 400 DSP- Along with DSP technology, this Plantronics foldable stereo headset with great stereo sound is portable and offers flexibility to the users.
  • Audio 355- Plantronics corded headset rich in audio quality offers a user to make internet calls and much more from your personal computer. It offers rich, stereo and maximum bass response via inclusion of 40 mm speakers. For smartphones and tablet use, the headset adds a single 3.5 mm adaptor. The headset includes amazing features that claims the convenience when used.
  • Audio 326- Plantronics wired headset designed for listening music, movies and internet calls. It offers exceptional voice quality with entire range stereo sound. The swivel- mounted ear cushions and lightweight design of the headset justifies the comfort offered by the headset. Unfortunately the product is now discontinued.
  • Wearing style

Plantronics headsets features two most common wearing styles; over- the- head and over- the- ear. Some of them are equipped with convertible wearing style so that user can easily make selection. Some of the headsets by Plantronics do offer behind the neck wearing style considering the level of comfort received by the users.

Where to buy?

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