Wireless Headsets by GoHeadsets

Wireless Headsets connect to an electronic device without using a wire or a cable. These work by transmitting audio signals either through infrared or via radio signals, depending on the device. Jabra Pro 9460 features several sound technologies to ensure optimum clarity and hearing protection. It's a fine alternative for heavy callers who are in search of a single headset that supports every phone in the arsenal. 

Here is a breakdown of the perks of buying Jabra Pro 9460: USER-FRIENDLY TOUCH-BASE SCREEN: -Whether you are a pro at using electronic gadgets or not, this smart setup wizard makes configuration and call handling as easy as ABC. Hence, it can be stated that it is for a wide range of clients. -The desk and smartphone are connected by a touch screen base which bridges the gap between the base and the headset via DECT. -The colorful icons and intuitive menu system make call-handling a breeze. True Wireless Freedom -You can, very conveniently, roam around up to 150 meters from your desk without dropping the call. Multitask in the office and answer and end call remotely as per your convenience. OUTSTANDING AUDIO QUALITY -It is specially designed in a way to eliminate background noise. -HD voice and Digital Signal Processing makes your call crystal clear, lifeline and vibrant conversations. You need not struggle anymore with what the other person is saying. -It protects your ears and counters unexpected spikes in volume. It automatically limits the average volume exposure during your work day and keeps it within acoustic standards. KEY FEATURES -Designed in a way to be fully compatible with the latest smartphones and tablets. -Easy to set p, connect and use. -Just pressing the button will assist in adjusting the volume, answer or end the call and mute the line. -Find the perfect fit with a range of light, ergonomically designed frames, soft ear cushions, adjustable headbands, and microphone boom. Your headset will be comfortable all day long. Battery & Power Talk Time: Up to 10 hours Standby Time: Up to 38 hours Standby Time is the maximum time a device can remain powered on. Charge Time: Up to 120 minutes