Andrea communications are very famous for producing high-quality gadgets, headphones and it has now stepped in different products for different purposes. These purposes may include voice recognition, dictation or education.

Their headsets are available in the market which has different capabilities. They provide you the clear and crisp sound with their different built-in functionalities. Voice cancellation and voice recognition are some of the best qualities available in the headsets made by this company. They are also regarded as the company which provides the best voice recognition functionalities.

Whereas the companies are making professional life better by improving their sound and voice, Andrea communication is more focused on the students and trying to make the digital world better for them.

These headsets would be best for a lot of organizations when sound is your top priority.

As the main agenda of Andrea communication is to make the calls better, they provide special discounts for educational organizations and all other companies. You can contact them to get an immediate quote.

Andrea communication wireless headsets

As there are a lot of needs in today’s date to deliver the best, Andrea communication has stepped out the boundaries and started producing the wireless headsets. There are many functionalities of a wireless headphone. For starters, it needs to give wide enough range, good quality sound and maintain the connection with the Bluetooth device with any interruptions.

These are the best fit for students and kids who can listen to the lectures while doing their other work or while doing their homework. No more wires stuck on your drawer’s knob or anywhere else. You don’t have to remove all the concentration from the lecture every time you move from the desk to grab anything. Every different kind of headset comes with different functionalities.

BT-875 Wireless Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones

WNC-2100 Wireless Noise-Canceling Bluetooth® Mono Headset

WNC-2500 Wireless Noise-Canceling Bluetooth® Stereo Headset

BT-875 Wireless Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones

BT-875 Wireless Bluetooth® Stereo Headphones

Andrea communication corded headsets:

No wonder that wireless headsets are the best ones that you can find in the market, but, corded headsets have their plus points. Bluetooth headsets call quality is not as good as the coded headsets have. They don’t only make the calls good but have special corded headsets which do not break with a slight rub against some scissor or something. Their quality is good enough to keep the kids engaged in calls and study for a long time. You can control all the functions from the headsets themselves, but other functionalities may vary with every kind of headset.

Some of the best products of Andrea communication in this range are:

  • EDU-175 On-Ear Stereo Headphones
  • EDU-375 Over-Ear Headphones
  • HS-75 Headphones
  • Andrea Communications EDU-255 On-Ear Stereo Headset
  • Andrea Communications EDU-455 Over-Ear Headset
  • NC-255VM USB On-Ear Stereo USB Headset with In-line Volume and Mute Controls
  • NC-455VM USB Over-Ear Stereo USB Headset with In-line Volume and Mute Controls
  • NC-181 On-Ear Mono (Monaural) Headset
  • NC-185 On-Ear Stereo Headset
  • NC-8 Ultralight Noise-Canceling Head Mounted Microphone