Avaya is one of the best and top ranked telephone company that has a wide collection of workplace used headsets that are fully compatible with their own manufactured Avaya telephones and VoIP softphones. 

There is a long list of amazing and long lasting headsets that this company manufactures but you know what is important when you are searching for a headset that is best for Avaya phones? It is searching for the best amplifier and the straight connection cable. 

In addition, the company was first also known as AT&T and Lucent and as the time passed and the company progressed, it changed its name from AT&T and Lucent to Avaya.

Avaya has a variety of headset solutions that are best compatible with its own telephones and provide you a good productivity and a longer durability. Here are some of the most commonly used Avaya headsets mentioned below:

Avaya wireless headset

Wireless headsets are always the best solutions when you are a bit messy because literally no one has the time to open the tangles of the headset while doing any important business works. Avaya offers a long list of wireless headsets that makes your work much easier. You can select any of the wireless headsets that are compatible with your Avaya phones. 

You choose your favorite design, style and features of the headsets; all the headsets have some special features and qualities hidden in them. If we talk about the commercial grade wireless headset technology then this comes with the complete set when you buy it. 

The chargers, adapters and all the important components are given with it, if you want to receive or hang-up the calls automatically then you will have to buy a separate handset lifter or electronic hook switch cable and your task will be simple. 

The charger that comes with the headset can also be used as the microphone or the volume adjuster for the headset and it is obviously used as the charger with the headset is vacant. The LED feature is also installed in the headset to show the battery or the charging updates.

Avaya Bluetooth Headset

Avaya has the wide range of Bluetooth headset that you can pair with your Avaya devices. The entire Bluetooth headset is featured with exceptional features that you won’t get from any other company’s Bluetooth headset. 

You must be thinking that why you should have the Bluetooth headsets then let me tell you that the productivity of your work is much increased when you are capable of doing two tasks at the same time. Having the deadest directly connected to your ear makes your hands vacant and you can perform multiple task.

Avaya corded headsets

Having a corded headset for your workplace is another best solution when it comes to quality and Avaya headsets are the best for such use. The corded headsets are designed with such a technology that they enhance the chances of noise reduction or cancellation and make it sure that the user can deliver the clear voice to the listener.

Other than this these corded headsets can be sued for hours without any disruption that makes them noticeable and liked among other headsets.