Clarity handsets are very famous these days for the elder-lies. Getting old is a part of life, but with age, some disabilities come too. If you or someone you know is having trouble seeing, reading, hearing or something as such, it is just not their fault.

Clarity has been making the handsets for such people. It has collaborated with other companies too to make the excellent quality handsets which would help you listen, speak and type better.

The biggest problems that occur to the elder-lies are hearing or seeing. This is why they cannot use the regular smartphones or other phones. This brings a lot of tension and trouble to the whole family, and they need to take care of them even more. Leaving them alone at home becomes an issue too, and you have to be around your loved ones all the time.

To eliminate all these issues from your life, clarity has been working to make the lives of elder-lies better. As they are now already pretty much familiar with the old phone designs, they are kept the same not to cause any trouble.

They then make the buttons on the handsets big enough to distinguish from each other and type perfectly. The ring sound of them is also louder as compared to other kinds of phones so the people who have problem hearing can hear the bell too and answer it without any problem.

Clarity handsets are the most used handsets these days and especially in the houses which has elder citizens or the ones which are too big to hear a normal ring.

Clarity Plantronics Handsets

For all the people who are slightly or completely hearing impaired and have a problem trying to see too, for those people, clarity, and Plantronics have collaborated and made the handsets which provide dependable service, assistive listening, and notification systems. They are now the leading supplier of amplified telephones.

It is not only perfect for the elder people, but also the people who have been having issues since birth or were fallen victim to some accident can still benefit from this. Whether they are office workers and need some help in their offices or want something at home to take care of them while not disturbing anyone else at home. Clarity Plantronics headsets make the perfect fit for them.

  • Their different products may include:
  • Clarity W10-00 In-Line amplifier for Telephone Handset(AC)Black
  • Clarity HA40 Portable Telephone Handset in-line Amplifier

Clarity Walker Handsets

Clarity has collaborated with Walker to produce some excellent handsets. They were based on the official concept of Clarity. They have produced one too many different types of handsets working together and have taken over the market in very less time.

They are very popular in the business and offices too as they provide some great looks along with the excellent sound and design.

Some of their products include:

  • Standard Handsets
  • Amplified Handsets
  • Push-to-x Handsets
  • Universal Handsets
  • Public Access Handsets
  • Specialty Handsets
  • In-Line Amplifiers