Cortelco felt the need of getting into technology with the telephones as products alone was not the proper solution for the growing business. They made innovative technology in the communication sector to help growing businesses. They are providing telecommunication equipment and solutions for many years.

As communication is the key to every business if communication is not proper or disturbed due to any reason, it can make a huge negative impact on the business so to avoid all this Cortelco supplied the most innovative and transformed telephones to help people succeed and build relationships.

Cortelco provides a wide range of variety to the residential sector with its single-line telephones to 2 line models and growing to 4-line telephones.

Not only the residential sector but it also accommodates the business line by providing new technology in the telephones like voice mail and auto attendant. Voice mail technology can let people manage their calls simply without missing an important message. People often get annoyed if their calls are not received so with these unique features no one will get annoyed and can be entertained every second.

In the word of corded telephones, Cortelco provides its customers with the innovative technology of wireless telephones so people can enjoy talking without the mess of cords around them and can easily move while talking. The cortelco telephones provide streamline communication across multiple IP platforms which have solved many problems of an ordinary telephone user.

The most prominent facility of Cortelco is that it not only provides different models but one can also get its custom logo products if they need. The secret to the longevity of Cortelco telephones is their great services along with their great support and excellent quality.

Most famous Cortelco telephones are:

  • Dect 6 Cordless telephone
  • Full Duplex cordless telephone
  • 12 series single line business telephone


Cortelco Handsets

Cortelco had also focused on handsets when it came to communication. It has given a variety in handsets and their features. Every handset has its uniqueness according to its model. The uniqueness of every handset may include its handling flexibility and comfort along with its frequency.


Cortelco Headsets

Cortelco has not only made their way in telephones but has also worked on headsets and made the innovations in the headsets to make them more usable and comfortable for the user.

Handling so many calls daily is hectic work and even worse when you have to hold up the receiver all time while talking. It puts a lot of stress on the human body and makes a person tired very soon.

They have given a variety of different features in a single headset to facilitate people. A person working in a noisy office and handling with different clients in a day on calls gets frustrated when it comes to repeat his words every time, Cortelco has made this very easy for such people by adding noise cancellation technology in their headsets which can cancel the background noise and can make communication smoother like ever.