Now days two way radio technology is the basic need of any vocation, agriculture area, hunting treks. This technology is a must to have when you up for such activities. Midland is a two way radio technology company that has been serving the people with its best radio technology since 50 years and yet there are no bad reviews about us.

This is the company that has established the CB radio and 14-channel FRS radio technology to the market for the use of people in any emergency situation when they out for some adventure. Whether it comes to weather alert radios, two way radios, or emergency radio technology product, Midland is known as the best suppliers of such technology all over the world.

The company provides its products and services to many countries but the company has it’s headquarter in city Kansas, here the company show the customers their product values, durability and reliability. As they have their products been sold in many retailers, sporting good, electronics and many other all over the country, the company is US affiliated grouping with several companies of North America, Europe and Asia. 

As told earlier, that the service of this company are spread all over the world so the company also has different websites for different countries so it gets easier for the people to understand the website in their own specific language. The international websites are

  • France
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Bulgaria
  • Singapore
  • Greece



Midland Radio Company has promised that they will repair or they will change the product if fails to work properly for a year after it has been purchased. It is the quality of a trusted company that they take care of their customers invested money and try to help them out if there is any defect in their sold product. Sometimes in happens that the midland weather alert radio fails due to any defect in the making so the company claims that they would repair it or replace it without charging any extra cost.

If your product is damage from water issue, or battery leak or any other similar issue that is not caused by the company, then this company is not responsible for the damage and charges a cost to repair your product.


Products of the company

The company has several radio products for the customers for the use of multiple areas starting for treks, adventures to the business and so on. One could get the best two way radio technology from the MIDLAND RADIP CORPORATION. The company offers products such as


Two-way radios

The company offers three type of two way radio including, advanced two ways radio, durable two way radios and GMRS based camp radios.


 Micro mobiles

The company has the vast range of micro mobiles that the user can use when they out for any trip of adventure


 CB Radios

They have the best CB radios that the users can fix in their cars or they can also use it when they are walking


NOAA weather radio

Durable weather alert radios to make you aware of any future emergency



Radio technology to stay connected to on another in business industry



Best technology to stay safe in the emergency situations when you are out



Power lights to make your nights lightened.