Plantronics is one of the most renowned company in the world when it comes to the communication sector. It has changed the meaning of communication. With its fantastic technology in headsets. Plantronics has made it very easy for people to use headsets in daily life.


When the world was busy in giving one or two features in a headset, it has given the best sound quality with comfort and reliability. People working in call centers or the ones who have a lot of work with calling have found very interested and satisfied with Plantronics headsets.


Not only focusing on specific customers Plantronics has always paid attention to its every customer need by putting different features in one device it has satisfied it’s all customers. All the products of Plantronics have made the life of people more easily.


Plantronics Wireless Headsets


Wireless technology of Plantronics has helped the people to enter in a new world of technology. It has made it communication very easy by eliminating the mess of wires. Plantronics wireless technology has made it very easy to be organized on workplaces to make desks more comfortable and relaxing for the people to work on.


People working in call centers have so much stress of work, and any small inconvenience can make a very big disaster, and by using the Plantronics wireless headsets, they can manage their calls without any mess by even moving to some other desks too without any fear of getting tangled in the wires.


Not only the duo headsets, but Plantronics also offers its customers the large variety of Omni headsets to satisfy their needs according to their work.


Some of the most highlighted Plantronics Wireless Headsets are:


  • Voyager 8200 UC
  • Voyager 4200 UC series
  • Backbeat Sense
  • Savi 8200 series
  • Backbeat Pro 2


Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets


Plantronics has thought about everything, not only eliminating the wires but also giving a wide range in Bluetooth versions for their headsets. Not only the people working in the offices but the ones who love to play video games or listen to songs while traveling has found very easy and comfortable to use these headsets.


These Plantronics Bluetooth headsets can give you a large room to move and talk with a range of roughly 10 meters. Managers and supervisors can talk while taking a round of their area without any second thought with this wide range and flexible Bluetooth technology.


Plantronics Corded Headsets


By serving people with new wireless technology, Plantronics has considered its other customers too who like to use corded headsets and does not want to switch or get into technology.


It has made its headsets comfortable with soft cushions around, noise cancellation technology in the microphone and long wires to give enough room to move.


Most of the headsets get broken around the wire section, so Plantronics has made its wires most flexible and more reliable to serve its valued customers.


Some of the most renowned corded headsets include:


  • Plantronics SupraPlus
  • Plantronics Encore Pro
  • Plantronics C325.1