Sennheiser Headsets is a very famous German-based company. This company produces products for providing sound clarity in different devices. They have a long range of headphones, mic, headsets, telephones and telephone accessories available.

Not all of the headsets feature the mic, but most of the PC headsets do have this feature so you can conduct proper calls. These were originally made and introduced in the market by keeping different areas as their target. The main target of this company is its applications and usage in the aviation departments.

Due to sound clarity and call quality, a lot of aviation departments do depend on this company when they are buying headsets for their airplanes, office and other management staff.

Sennheiser Wireless Headsets:

Without having any cables in the way, there is nothing that you have to worry about anymore. The Sennheiser wireless headsets are the best pick if you do not like being bound with all the wires but still enjoy good quality music. Bluetooth headsets can mostly disturb the quality of the sound during transmission, but you can trust the headsets from this company, as it would not cause any such problem.

  • Some of the wireless headsets are:
  • MOMENTUM True Wireless
  • HD1 Free
  • HD1 edition Pink Floyd
  • RS 2000
  • HD1 In-Ear Wireless Black
  • MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless Black

Sennheiser Corded headsets:

Corded headsets have been in the market since the very beginning and still have not timed out due to different reasons. The wireless one cannot provide the sound quality that corded headsets can provide. While the wired headsets have their boundaries pretty much set and everyone knows it, there is not much that you know about the boundaries of the wireless headsets and can cause your call to lack yourself and have some problems.

This was the oldest mean of communication, which is why people are always trying to get their hands on the corded headsets except on the wireless ones to avoid any problems that might pop up later. These headsets also provide you very good quality sound, which might not be very much possible in the wireless headsets.

  • SC 135/165 USB-C
  • SC 130/160 USB
  • SC 130/160 USB-C
  • SC 45 USB CTRL
  • SC 70 USB MS
  • SC 230/260 USB MS II
  • SC 630/ SC 660

Sennheiser Bluetooth Headsets:

Bluetooth headsets are very important when you are dealing with wireless technology. Bluetooth is a type of connection, which is formed between the server and the receiver. When information is traveling over Bluetooth, it cannot be interrupted a lot, and you can make some proper calls and conversations with this. While data, which is travelled over Wi-Fi or something, is always at a risk of theft, Bluetooth offers a shorter range to supply data in and it sends the data off easily. Without this mean of transfer of data, there would practically be no wireless headsets operating as they are right now.