HD 205-II/ Closed, Around-The-Ear Home Studio Headphones

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No matter what you are looking for in a headphone, the HD-205-ii--closed--around-the-ear-home-studio-headphones- has it all. This headphone from Sennheiser is a wise buy for DJs as well as studio professionals who want to take their business to another level. It uses large and powerful drivers to produce smooth and dynamic audio that comes with deep bass. The headphone is also made of the finest of material and rugged design which combines to offer lasting comfort to users. It also comes with a rotatable ear cups and thick ear cushions that are easy to clean and if you suffer from allergies, then you are safe with this headphone because its ear cushions are hypoallergenic. The closed-backed design of this headphone helps to block out unwanted sound from the environment so you can concentrate on your music. It also has an extra long single-sided styled cable that offers plenty of slack and it is also resistant to tangles. You can also connect to different professional as well as consumer electronic devices with the adapter and gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini plug.