Handsets are just a new form of the old phones with the latest wireless technology. As people are moving forward every day with smartphones, we still need to accept the fact that these smartphones are just not the right fit for professional life.

They cost more and are used for a lot more than just making professional calls. This is the main reason behind almost all kinds of companies keeping the old school phones or handsets in their companies to let their employees work with some more professional stuff instead of just being surrounded by the latest tech all the time.

These handsets can be used by old people too as they are very much familiar with this kind of technology instead of the gadgets that are being invented these days. A lot of companies are also trying to make communication for these people better as they have a lot of different problems. As people keep on aging, they start developing different disabilities such as hearing loss and vision problems.

Not everyone can afford to cure them so; these handsets come with the big buttons, which can be seen even after not having a proper vision and the sound loud enough to be heard by all such people.

Different companies, which are trying to make these handsets better for everyone, include clarity, Panasonic, grand stream, Plantronics and Cortelco. While there are a lot of other companies in the market too, these companies are the most famous ones and help people the most. They have also maintained a proper style, and instead of just focusing on making more money, they are trying to make better machines and better gadgets for everyday use too.

Cheap Handsets:

Just because this is, an old technology does not mean that you will find them at some fair rates all the time. These handsets can cost you hundreds of dollars at times too. To save a lot of money and to give you the best products you could use, we have made this list of cheap handsets you can use easily in your daily life.

  • Jabra Handset 450
  • Expandable Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine - 4 Handsets - KX-TGE434B
  • Expandable Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine - KX-TGE43B
  • Link2Cell Bluetooth® Cordless Phone with Rugged Phone - 4 Handsets - KX-TGE484S2

Top Handsets

While there are a lot of choices for you to choose from in handsets, you need to choose the one, which fits all your needs. You will find handsets in almost all of the companies, which are remotely related to communication. It will be then your choice that which one of the handsets is the ideal for you.

The most preferred kind of handsets are the ones, which have large buttons and have clear audio. Everything else on a handset can be ignored easily, but the vision and the sound quality just cannot be ignored no matter what.