AT&T Corded Phones

Corded telephones were the first telephones to be ever invented and are still in use due to a lot of applications that they have. You can use them in your offices, at your home, in school or anywhere.

Corded Phones at Home:

Corded phones at home have a major application. While you are at home, you cannot keep an eye on every kid and what they are doing. When you have the corded phones with you, you can be sure where your kids are actually and what are they talking about. This would be like keeping a check on their cell phone activities but in an old school way.

These phones at home would also help the elder citizens to have some ease in their life. It is a very common fact that those people are not very well with the technology and no matter how much you try to teach them, there is no way they are going to understand everything fully. This is why having some corded phones at home would make their life so much easier, and you would be at so much peace.

Corded Phones at Offices

As these phones give a lot of professional looks, they are always ready to be used in the offices. Many different offices still use these phones instead of allowing their employees to use smartphones due to different reasons.

They spend a lot of timeless on the phone and focus on their work more than on chatting. While their phones are not with them, they would want to make calls with your phones and spend some time. We have the solution to that too. The right solution to all such problems is the corded phones at offices.

When the phones are corded, they are always under the surveillance, know, and will not be using the office telephone a lot.

AT&T Best Corded Phones

As there are multiple series of corded phones, you have to pick out the right one for yourself to buy for you. We have made a list of the bestselling and best features corded phones:

  • 2-line speakerphone with caller ID and digital answering system
  • A corded answering system with backlit display
  • 4-line small business system compatible with AT&T 1040, 1070 & 1080 units only
  • 2-line Connect to Cell™ corded/cordless answering system with caller ID/call waiting

Top Quality Handsets by AT&T:

While there are many different handsets, there are still some of the best ones who can make your callings better. You can pick them up at any time and call any of your friends, colleagues, relatives or anyone that you would like.

We have made a list of the best handsets with top quality calling systems for you to pick out your favorite and get it for your home, offices or any other place that you would like.

  • 2-line Connect to Cell™ corded/cordless phone system with answering system & cordless headset
  • 2-line 4 handset Connect to Cell™ corded/cordless answering system with caller ID/call waiting