Jabra Siemens/Aastra Electronic Hook Switch Cable



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•EHS adapter enabling Electronic Hook Switch control (EHS) for a wide range of desk phone Models from (Astra, Agfeo, Auerswald, Funkwerk, Innovaphone, Siemens, Snom, Swyk, Deutche Telecom, Tiptel and Ipitomy)
•Enables users to hear ring tones, answer and end calls, adjust volume and mute the call from the Jabra wireless headset up to 490 feet away from their desk (wireless range depending on headset selected)
•Plug-and-play solution; no mechanical device needed
•Works with the following Jabra wireless office headsets: Jabra PRO 9400 Series, Jabra GO 6470, Jabra GN9350e, Jabra GN9330e and Jabra GN9120 EHS* and Jabra GN9125 Series


Answer Call - Yes
•End Call - Yes
•Ring tone in Headset - Yes