Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono Noise Canceling



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Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono Noise Canceling

Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty. The Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC features noise cancelling capabilities eliminating unwanted background noise. This headset delivers professional performance and exceptional value and comes with Quick Disconnect plug for immediate connectivity to a wide range of amplifiers and telephone. It increases agent productivity and performance and features 270 degree rotation that supports left and right wearing style. The BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC Headset features an Acoustic shock protection against sudden, loud noises which also protect user against sudden loud noises transmitted via the telephone network. It has a great sound quality with traditional narrowband phone systems. This headset is light in weight having sturdy design and is exceptionally durable with future proof design.


• A cost-effective corded headset for call centers
• Compatible with most phone systems and amplifiers
• Easy installation with a Quick Disconnect (QD) plug
• An ergonomic option with a lightweight design and comfortable ear cushions
• Device is connected via USB
• Designed to optimize the experience of using a Unified Communications client, such as Skype or Microsoft Lync
• Connects to a PC and can be used to stream music/sound and for voice calls
• Control Center: No
• Wideband frequence response – enables realistic reproduction of human voices on optimized digital lines, e.g. IP telephony and Unified Communications
• Offers mono sound through one speaker
• Noise-cancelling microphone with excellent noise reduction - great for open, loud office environments. The boom arm can be adjusted to the user.
• Mute Function: No
• Wearing style: Fully adjustable headband (over the head)
• Includes small lfoam ear cushion

  • Overview

  • The Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC is a headset that a contact center may like to try out. This is because the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC series provides high-quality type of corded solution. You will get wonderful features with the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC, those features that you will expect to see in some expensive headsets.

    This includes features like the noise-cancelling microphone along with sturdy materials. You will get this with the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC and that in a stylish as well as lightweight design that looks good. Continue reading on to find out more.

  • Made for a cost-conscious contact center
  • If you have a contact center that is cost-conscious then have a look at the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC. This was made keeping this type of center in mind. Therefore this headset aims to be fully functional, flexible as well as affordably priced. Jabra aims to provide you with a device that screams quality.

  • Simple integration with present telecoms systems
  • With the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC Headset you can easily integrate the present telecoms systems that you have. The Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC Headset claims to be made to provide maximum flexibility along with value. You can select from the useful QD Quick Disconnect, or even Direct Connect or also USB plug connections along with duo variants and mono variants. This headset aims to agree to your infrastructure along with budget.

  • Good quality conversations
  • If you want a device that will give you conversations that are of a good quality then consider the Jabra BIZ 1900 Mono. Despite the point that the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC Headste was made by keeping cost in mind, this device does not compromise when it comes to sound quality.

    The flexible boom tip allows perfect microphone placement, and the noise-cancelling type of microphone is able to eliminate unwanted ambient noise that can annoy some customers. You should not compromise voice quality whenever buying a device like the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC Headset.

  • Strong design
  • The Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC Headset has a lightweight and sturdy design. It is a device that is of professional quality. It is important that professional agents have professional tools. The Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC Headset tends to be made for heavy employment. Some important features of the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC are professional grade durability, ear cushions that are leatherette or foam ones, and totally adjustable headbands. The agent has a choice to choose from the mono or also duo type of wearing styles with the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC Headset.

  • The useful noise-cancelling microphone
  • If you are looking for a device that will cancel out unwanted noise that can anger some customers then you will be pleased to know that the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono has a noise-cancelling microphone. This is able to reduce that annoying background sound. These type of microphones are perfect for crowded along with noisy, open office type of environments.

  • The PeakStop™ feature

  • With the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC you will get the above feature. This will provide you with safe sound as well as superior hearing protection. This technology is able to instantly get rid of potentially harmful sounds and tones that are loud.

    This occurs before these type of sounds reach your ears. This technology that is found in the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC Headset is able to keep your sound level inside the safe range so as to protect your precious hearing.

  • Talk easily
  • A device that your team can use comfortably is one to choose This is so that they do not get tired and can be more productive if they are not annoyed and tired. The Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono allows you to talk in comfort. You should be kind when it comes to your ears.You should get a device that will give you full comfort.

    This headset has different styles which match one’s individual requirements along with personal fit needs. The light and ergonomically designed frames as well as soft ear cushions, microphone boom plus adjustable headband give you comfort whilst wearing the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono throughout the day.

  • High-quality audio
  • Get high-quality audio so as to have clear conversations with this headset. You can enjoy wonderful high definition sound plus HD voice moreover have clear and intelligible communication with this headset,

If you are looking for a headset like the Jabra BIZ 1900 USB Mono NC you can look at the reviews presnet of this headset. Check out this headset to see if you like it.

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