Jabra BIZ 2400 II 3 in 1 Mono Headset with Ultra Noise-Cancelling Microphone



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BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC

Jabra’s BIZ 2400 II is designed to deliver best-in-class audio performance, no matter how loud your environment is. Now with enhanced speakers, your agents can hear your customers better than ever before – offering a superior customer experience and faster call resolution.

Jabra’s BIZ 2400 II is built to last - no matter how challenging the environment is. Only the Jabra BIZ 2400 II has features like Kevlar reinforced cords, gold plated contacts, and an unbreakable 360 degree FreeSpin boom that ensures it can stand up to the most demanding environments.

A comfortable agent is a happy, productive agent. With luxury ear cushions and additional headband padding; ensure your agents stay more comfortable and productive, for longer. 

No matter which deskphone you are using, the Jabra’s BIZ 2400 II will seamlessly integrate into your environment. The Jabra BIZ 2400 II is a smart choice no matter what telecom system you’re using today or tomorrow. Purchase any connectivity cord for the device you need to connect the BIZ 2400 II to.


• Wearing styles - Headband, neckband, ear hooks (small and medium)

• Warranty - 3 years

BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC Overview

The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC is a headset which is regarded as a wired professional one. It provides outstanding sound and that on both ends of calls. This is useful if you want to give customers a good experience with your support staff.

The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC is also 40% lighter in comparison to the competing headsets that are present. BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC has a really soft leatherette headband along with ear cushions. It is made to last having a reinforced cord along with an unbreakable type of boom arm.

If you are looking for a headset that will allow you to have better conversations, sound, build as well as comfort then continue reading on to find out more about the BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC headset.

  • A Refined Headset - Jabra claims to have refined as well as improved the attractive Biz Series headset. This is because they want to keep ahead of an industry that is changing and also to define this headset. When it comes to the BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC II, this is a contact center headset that people who listen along with speak, to earn money, may like to have.
  • Improved Conversations - The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC is a headset that aims to provide you with better conversations. If you work in a contact center or manage one, then you will know that the most vital function that a headset to be used in this type of center, should be that it effectively eliminates any background noise. It is necessary to have a headset that will not allow this noise from your busy environment to disturb customers on the phone. The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC aims to do this so that customers can hear what you are saying clearly. This is important if you want customers to be satisfied with your customer service. With the help of the handy ultra-noise-cancelling type of microphone that is present on the BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC you will be able to have wonderful background noise elimination. This is present in any of Jabra headsets.
  • Having Sound that is Better - The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC aims to give you better sound. When you are in some environment that is busy, it is necessary that you have wonderful sound so as to be able to hear what the customer is saying. This is vital so that you can reply correctly and appropriately to the customer. At the time that you are focusing on work, then you will want HIFI sound that will be for music. When it comes to the BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC this is great when it comes to both the above things. You will have HD voice technology with your BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC. This will let you properly understand what the other party is saying. When it comes to the speakers, they reduce any ambient sound. This will let you concentrate on the call at hand. The mic that is specially designed having an “air shock” noise-cancelling feature is able to filter out the sharp breathing noises and also popping noises that are often heard when it comes to conversations.
  • Build to be Strong - The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC is a headset that is made to stay strong and that even when in a contact center that is very busy. This will lead to fewer headset replacements as well as less downtime. You will also have reduced total cost when it comes to ownership. The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC has a reinforced cord. This is made to be able to handle the environment present at contact centers. The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC is able to protected from any office chair wheels and also sharp objects. The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC has a boom arm that is able to be rotated around 360 degrees providing zero risk of even breaking. Jabra calls this FreeSpin????™.
  • More Comfort with this Headset - You will get more comfort with the BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC. The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC has a lightweight and also unobtrusive type of design. It is lighter allowing it be comfortable to wear. The adjustable headband along with microphone boom will provide you with a good fit. There is an easy to use control unit that allows you to change volume, mute calls, plus more. The BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC is one headset that Jabra has made to allow businesses to pursue effective customer support. You can check out the BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC if you are looking for a headset like this. Some features of the BIZ 2400 II Mono UNC have been given above.

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