Jabra Engage 75 Mono Headset with Base Unit



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Jabra Engage 75 Mono Headset with Base Unit

To ensure that your agents are achieving the highest productivity levels in the company they must be using a proper call center headset. Jabra has been supplying the customers with outclass hearing gadgets whereas this mono wireless earpiece is a milestone in its performance.

Powerful Wireless Headphones:

The Jabra Engage 75 Mono wireless headphones have been manufactured by 40 audio professional engineers to provide more power to your conversations. Professional headphones are made to provide an exceptional experience of your favorite music playlist and official calls. The seamless call experience is designed with handy controls that can be used to call answer/end, mute and volume adjustments.  The one-sided ear is capable to provide constant sound levels thus reducing the user stress. The wireless range supplies you with powerful connections with the callers. These Jabra headphones are made extremely light weighted about 64 grams and a one-sided ear cup is covered with soft leather cushion gives you whole day comfort without any doubt. They are developed with a long-lasting battery life that is good for the agents as they don’t have to worry about the drain of the battery during their work hours. They can be used constantly used for 13 hours with one charge. Furthermore, you would be glad to know that these earpieces are featured with fast charging in 90 minutes you can get 100% charging.

Good Quality Sound:

They are manufactured by the professionals under the customer considerations that make them unique and irresistible to buy. They are built-in with all the features that can be used to overcome the problems faced by the users. These headsets are developed to avoid bad signals that disappoint your callers. They deliver top-quality sound to be heard on both ends. With directional noise cancellation microphones, only the vocals are transmitted and all other background noises are blocked out. The boom arm is adjustable according to the comfort of the user. They provide HD sound to the listener with a wide-band frequency range of about 490ft. These earphones allow you the freedom to move by being connected to your devices so that you may never miss any call. DECT wireless technology makes it an elegant piece to buy. They have intelligent volume controls that help to normalize and balance the voice levels.

Versatile Connectivity:

With no cable to untangle and no wire that stops you from moving anywhere, these headsets have set new trends in the market. They can be connected with 5 devices (2 USB device (softphone/desk phone), 2 Bluetooth devices and 1 analog desk phone). They are certified to be used with multimedia apps for video or conference calls such as Skype, webinars, and others. The mono wireless meets Skype to allow business open office requirements to be met. Not only the wide span of the connectivity is increased but the production of the company is affected positively. The business will be increased due to limited interruptions. The busy light on the headphones helps the agents to remain undisturbed during the calls.


• Wireless capacity - wide-band: 80
• Wireless capacity - narrow-band: 130
• Wireless range: up to 490 ft
• Talk time: up to 13 hours
• Fast charge - from 0-40%: 30 minutes
• Emergency charging: yes
• Connectivity: 5 devices (2 USB device (softphone and/or desk phone), 2 Bluetooth devices and 1 analog desk phone)
• Wireless technology: DECT
• Secure DECT: level C
• Intelligent volume control: yes (speech level normalization and balance voice)
• User sound protection: yes (PeakStop, Noise@Work, Acoustic Shock)
• Directional noise cancelling microphone: yes
• Microphone (G-MOS, Tx, CC): 4.3
• Speaker (P-MOS, Rx, Silent): 4.4
• Meets Skype 4Bus Open Office Requirements: yes
• Boom arm adjustable: 270 degrees
• Busy light: yes
• Wearing Style: Mono, comes with neckband accessory)
• Headset weight: 64 grams

Package includes: Headset including padding, neckband, base, power supply, USB cable, desk phone cable, QSG & documentation 

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