Jabra GN 2125 Duo



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GN 2125 noise cancelling GN 2100 Flex series noise-canceling headsets are ideal for demanding applications, especially noisy environments. They incorporate a flexible boom which ensures correct microphone positioning, and a noise-canceling microphone that filters out distracting background noise. They're lightweight, very durable, and extremely comfortable, even if worn all day long. A click-stop headband provides a customized fit and pillow-soft ear cushions rest gently over the ear. This model is a binaural headset (you hear through both ears) -- which improves the audibility of weak voices and blocks out distracting ambient sounds and nearby voices. The Jabra GN2100 IP and Jabra GN2100 are part of Jabra's award-winning headset series for business and contact centre professionals using traditional desk telephony. In fact, many users say that its excellent sound quality gives them the feeling they're having a "face to face" conversation. Moreover, the headset's sleek profile and a lightweight, ergonomic design provide a unique combination of style and comfort.

Key Features

Unsurpassed sound quality
Sleek styling
Lightweight design
Choice of wearing styles and boom