Jabra GN9125 Flex Boom Headset Only



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Jabra GN9125 Flex Boom Headset Only

The Jabra GN9125 Flex Boom Headset Essential Package will transform your telephone into an efficient apparatus. Appreciate without hands profitability 300 feet from your work area. Wear the GN9125 how you like, either finished the-head or on-the-ear with the agreeable convertible headset.

The Flex Blast mouthpiece highlights clamor dropping, which sifts through around 70% of your experience commotion, so your guests hear you and not your environment.

The interesting four-way telephone call highlight gives you a chance to hold completely versatile, secure phone calls not limited to meeting rooms and without intrusions by the twisting of speakerphones.

Each Jabra GN9125 remote headset accompanies a convertible headset, base unit, and every one of the lines you have to influence it to work.


Jabra is a company that belongs to the GN Group, developed nearly 150 years ago. They specialize in consumer headphones, hearing aids as well as professional headsets. You can find wireless headsets like the Jabra 75 stereo wireless headset that has some exciting features.


You don’t need to connect it and stick to a place. You can charge it and use it for the day. Its range is 300 feet, which is approximately 90 m. You can move around in your work area without even having any issue in the hearing.


It would minimize all the un-necessary noise near you and let you work in a complete calm ambiance. It would eliminate all the surround sound which would make your caller hear your voice, not your surroundings. This is ideal for crowded and noisy areas like offices.


Peak Stop innovation quickly expels conceivably unsafe harmful sounds or tones before they achieve your ears and keeps the sound level inside the sheltered range to secure your listening ability. It won’t hurt your ears with this built-in feature in it.


It has different buttons to keep your work in control even if you are away from the device. It has a button to adjust the sound volume according to your need, whether you need to increase the volume or decrease it.

You can attend, hang up and mute the call through the buttons on your headset. You do not need to go back to use these operations.


A light appears at the outer side of the headset while on call which let others know that you are busy right now and cannot interact. You can turn it on if you do not want to interact or want to stay focused on your work. It would increase your productivity at work.


It has a convertible wearing style. It can be used over the head as a headband or over the ears either. It is available in black color. It can work with your single or multi-line corded phone.

It can be charged for a maximum of 12 hours and can be used all day. It is only 1.29 oz which is not heavy for the ears to wear it all day long.


It comes with one year of warranty. In case of any issue, you can claim to the company and get it fixed.


It has jabra wireless headset, jabra amplifier/charger, jabra ac/dc adapter, jabra connector cord, jabra headband, jabra earloop.

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