Jabra Halo Smart Black



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Jabra Halo smart Black is a new invention from Jabra. You all might be relaxed after hearing this from Jabra. It ensures to provide the best quality to its buyers and give them full comfort.

Jabra offers a variety of headsets to give your hands a relief and allows you to do multiple tasks at one time. It would increase your productivity at work.

Its Bluetooth feature would let you come out of your comfort zone. It can be worn as a necklace and it has special magnetic earbuds, so you do not spend your precious time in re-arranging your earbuds. You would not need to worry about it being tangled.


It can be worn as a necklace around the neck. The area around the neck is hard yet flexible for any sort of adjustments. It has two earbuds for either ear so you don’t have any issue wearing it.

The two earbuds won’t be tangled as it has magnetic ends, which would get attracted to each other and give you a pendant look. Whenever you need to use them you can only wear earbuds. It further has buttons on it for pause, volume up, volume down, start, next and back.

You do not need to take out your phone every time you have to change anything. As its name shows ‘Jabra Halo Smart Black’ it only comes in a black color to fit with your everyday color match.


It has a vibration feature, which would vibrate every time you get notifications or even call. It would tell the caller name and calendar notifications with the event name and time.


It has a Bluetooth range of 33 feet and 10 meters. You can work free without thinking of holding it with you all the time. You could connect it move around. It has Bluetooth version of 4.0.

It can be connected to every brand phone, whether it is Samsung, Apple, Blackberry or Nokia. It helps you stay connected to your work wherever you are and wherever your day takes you.


You would not need to charge it again and again. It has a battery time of 17 hours for talking and 15 hours for listening to music. You can charge for 160 minutes and use it for the next 17 hours. It can be charged like your regular mobile phone. The charger comes along with the Jabra Halo Smart Black.


Like other products of Jabra, Jabra Halo Smart Black also possesses an active noise cancellation such as human noise, and passive voice cancellation, other sounds in the background, windy air, etc. the voice cancellation feature helps you talk in peace and enjoy your music without any interruptions.


As it is a product by Jabra, you do not need to worry about the quality; Jabra provides the best quality products for its customers.

It has 10mm speakers that deliver extraordinary crystal clear voice, with noise cancellation feature. It has bendable flex zones built in neckband which would help you adjust it as your desire.


Jabra Halo Smart Black is best for daily use, and anyone can buy it and use it. It is not specified for anything. It can be used for offices, call centers as well as for household use.

It is so pocket satisfying, and you would not regret buying this. In your everyday routine, while you walk or workout, you can wear this all day long.

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