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JABRA PRO 925 Wireless Headset

The Jabra PRO 925 is a single channel wireless USB headset for work area telephones in high thickness office conditions. As a component of the Jabra PRO 900 series of headsets, the Pro 925 highlights the noise cancellation amplifier, up to 12 hours talk time, and a 300-foot distance with remote call receiving.


At Jabra, we comprehend what it takes to make best-in-class sound arrangements. We do it by conveying enhanced encounters. These are reflected in items that are designed for you – giving you what you require for superb calls and music encounter.


Jabra Pro 925 is a single earpiece wireless headset. It can be easily connected through Bluetooth only by searching and tapping the option to connect. You can connect two devices at the same time and it can be paired with almost 8 devices. You can just change the paired device and the call on your mobile phone would be transferred to your tablet.

It supports Skype Business. It has a great range of 300 feet / 100 meters. You do not need to stick to a single place. It takes allows you to go out of your comfort zone and work. It helps you do multiple tasks at the same time.


Like the other Jabra pro series, Jabra Pro 925 have noise cancellation system. It would let you talk in peace. Noise cancellation would cancel all the unwanted notice; windy air, your howdy workmates, around you. It would keep you focused and dedicated to your work.


Its battery can be charged up to 180 minutes and has a battery time of 12 hours. It has its standby battery which lasts up to 168 hours, almost a complete week. You would not need to charge it again and again. It would take only 100 minutes to charge its 50 percent of the battery.


Jabra provides a special safe tone feature. This feature restricts higher frequency noises reach your ear. As soon as the frequency or volume is increased it would keep it low so that the ears do not get hurt.


Jabra makes no compromise on its customers' comfort. Jabra Pro 925 can be worn as a headband or it can be worn behind the ear or behind the neck, as you like it. You can wear it all day long and not feel tired. It has a soft Leatherette cushion earpiece which won’t hurt your ear even if you wear it all day.


Jabra PRO 925 has the following things in the box

• Jabra PRO 925 Dual Connectivity Wireless Headset

• Headset

• Base and

• AC Adapter


We all need a guarantee of the things we purchase. Obviously, we are spending our money on it. But, fortunately, Jabra give a one-year free warranty. If you have any issue, you can contact the customer service for free at any time of any day.

With all this, you also have a 30-day return offer and free shipping, yes you heard it right. This would be the perfect headset to use.


Jabra PRO 925 Wireless Headset is best for office environments, call centers, and other workplaces. Its voice cancellation lets you work in peace, and the leather cushion would make it easier for you to use it all day. It would make your nine to five job so much fun.


  • Wireless Technology - 2G4
  • Talk Range (feet) - Up to 300 ft
  • Auto Pairing - Yes
  • Conference call capacity - Not supported
  • Frequency Response - Wideband
  • Listening Mode - One ear
  • Microphone Type - Noise cancelling
  • Boom Arm Type - Fixed
  • Mute function - Yes
  • Talk Time - Up to 12 hours
  • Standby Time - Up to 168 hours
  • Wearing Style - headband is a fully adjustable, over-the-head wearing style
  • Ear Cushion Type - Small leatherette ear cushions

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