Jabra PRO 9470 Flex


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Jabra PRO 9470 Flex Wireless Headset | GN9470-66-904-105

Since 1964, it has been observed that the headsets demands by the businesses users and home users has increased to fulfill their need of comfort. Hence, the suppliers of headsets started making efforts by adding the best of brands in the list of their selling products. Along with Plantronics and other brands, Goheadsets has also filled their stock with Jabra headsets.

PRO 9470 Flex Reviews:

A mono wireless headset compatible to Desk phone, mobile phone and softphone with a touch- screen and other amazing features demanded by the larger audience. In the series of Jabra 9400, this monaural headset allows the users to answer their calls with-in the range of 450 feet. For improving any disruption in the background such as surrounding conversations, wind noise and traffic that might take place, Jabra adds Noise Blackout technology to enhance the user’s voice. The acoustic protection offered by Jabra has made the headset a principle choice for the professional office users. The headset also features Noise cancelling microphone.


  1. Manufacturer- Jabra
  2. Type of product- Headset
  3. Headset Model- PRO 9470 Flex
  4. Headset type- Wireless Monaural headset
  5. Compatible to- Mobile phone, softphone and Desk phone
  6. Microphone type- Boom
  7. Sound output mode- Mono
  8. Noise cancelling microphone- Yes
  9. Noise Blackout technology- Yes
  10. SafeTone technology- Yes
  11. Digital signal processing- Yes
  12. Range of wireless- 450 foot


  • 2.4 Touch screen with base
  • US DECT 1.9 GHz
  • Wireless range up-to 450 foot
  • Noise blackout technology (Dual mic) to eliminate the noise in the background
  • Supported by Desk phone, Mobile phone and softphone
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Digital Signal processing that makes the calls lifelike
  • SafeTone technology for countering unexpected spikes in the volume and protection of ears