Jabra Supreme Bluetooth Mobile Wireless Headset, with Link 360 for Microsoft Lync/OC (DISCONTINUED)



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Jabra Supreme Bluetooth for Mobile

This is the best companion that you can have for your mobile along with UC calls. Expect wonderful sound and remain connected, whether you are on the road, or in the office, or even at home.

The Jabra Supreme Bluetooth for Mobile features active-noise cancellation, wind noise reduction, and the patented flip boom-arm.

If you want to know more about the Java Supreme Bluetooth, continue reading on.

The Active Noise Cancellation Option

This headset aims to actively limit the amount of annoying background noise that is present around you. Therefore the only sound that you will hear in the ear will be the caller’s voice. This will allow you to be better able to help the customer.

Customer service is something that is vital to a business. This needs to be handled properly so that people will see you as responsible and want to work with you in the future.

The Wind Noise Reduction Feature

Do you hate it when your call gets disturbed because of windy conditions? This annoyance can be reduced with the help of the Jabra Supreme Bluetooth.

It has the wonderful wind noise reduction option. This lets you enjoy the high-quality sound along with clear conversations which you deserve to have even if the weather is windy.

The Handy Patented Flip Boom-Arm Feature

Java Supreme II UC has an exciting patented foldable type of flip boom-arm. Therefore when you have completed talking, simply fold up its arm then store your headset within your pocket or even laptop bag. This feature is there for your ease because with it you can easily carry this device and it tends to be easy to activate as well.

Wonderful Sound

With the Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth exciting headset, you should receive more from your amazing UC experience particularly with quality sound, all-day comfort as well as easy connectivity.

Both Ends Experience Great Sound

Java Supreme tends to be an exceptional Bluetooth monotype of the headset which gives superior sound and that on both ends of calls. This occurs with the help of audio enhancement technology. Expect to get clear calls due to the HD Voice plus Active Noise Cancellation features.

You can also stream music as well as GPS specifically from your phone to device. This device is also able to connect to precisely 2 Bluetooth devices and that at one time.

Jabra Supreme microphone can filter out noise present around you with the help of Noise Blackout 3.0 dual type of microphone technology, therefore making sure that the individual talking to you can hear you clearly.

Comfortable Headset

It is not helpful if you have a headset that provides clear sound but is not comfortable to use. Jabra Supreme is actually adjustable. It has ear cushions that are specially designed and in different styles. They maximize wearability and even comfort.

Why select the Jabra Supreme Bluetooth for mobile?

After reading the above, you can tell why this headset may be a good option for you. Below is a summary of why to select this device.

  • The Active Noise Cancellation technology can remove background noise, therefore, allowing the user to hear a conversation that is clear.
  • Noise Blackout 3.0 dual exciting microphone technology plus wind-noise reduction technology lets the user be heard in a clear way by the individual they are talking to.
  • Get HD Voice technology to experience exceptional sound quality.
  • With Voice Control you can answer and ignore calls by merely employing voice commands. Voice Guidance gives spoken caller ID, connection status plus battery level.
  • The Jabra Supreme Bluetooth for mobile is a headset that you can consider getting.

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