JABRA UC Voice 550 USB Mono, UC



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Jabra Voice 550 USB Mono UC Headsets | GN5593-829-209

With the increase in call center businesses, the demand for headsets has also increased. Hence the suppliers has kept their high- focus on storing all branded call center headsets along with VoIP, Avaya, Cisco, etc. Exceptional benefits are also offered including free shipping.

Voice 550 USB Mono Overview:

Voice 550 USB Mono UC is a Headset offering superior quality audio allowing the user to carryout crystal- clear communication via HD voice. To protect the user’s ear, the headset adds PeakStop technology when there is a sudden increase in volume. Noise cancelling microphone in the headset eliminates the noise in the background that can disrupt the conversation between the user and hi client. The headset is ideally designed for noisy environment.


  • Manufacturer- Jabra
  • Type of product- Headset
  • Headset Model- Voice 550 USB Mono UC
  • Headset type- Wired headset
  • Compatible- Personal computer and Soft phone
  • Microphone type- Boom
  • Sound output mode- Mono
  • Noise cancelling microphone- Yes
  • PeakStop technology- Yes


  • Over the head wearing style
  • USB connectivity
  • Crystal- clear conversation
  • Noise- cancelling microphone
  • Flexible boom
  • PeakStop technology to protect ears.