Plantronics Apv-66 Savi Ehs Avaya EU24 38633-11

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Plantronics Apv-66 Savi Ehs Avaya EU24 38633-11

The Plantronics EHS Cable APV-66 is a unique product with lots of features that makes it easier for users to manage and receive calls conveniently. The beauty of the product is that it works perfectly for a lot of devices. It functions well for Avaya 4610, 2420, 4620W, 4610W, 4621SW, 4625SW, 4622SW, 4630SW, 5610, 5420 and 5620. It also works with the Plantronics MDA200, CS 510, 540 and 520; Savi Office WO200, WO100, WO300, WO350; Savi W720, W730, W710, W745 and W740. This cable has lots of functions that will make your device more fun and easy to make use of. It has the on-hook/off-hook control system from the headset. All you just need to do is to press the button that is located on your headset and your desk phone will go on-hook/off-hook mode. Another unique feature that comes with this device is the ring control/indication. With it your headset will beep softly when your desk phone is ringing. In fact, this feature makes communication easy for users. It will also enable employees to perform more than one task because you can hear your phone ringing in your ear even though you are far away but within the signal range. The Plantronics EHS Cable APV-66 is truly a must have for people who are using devices that are compatible with it.


  • Connects Platronics Headsets
  • Desk Phone Control
  • Remote Answer & End
  • Electronic Hookswitch Cable APV-66
  • Communicates Electronically w/ the Phone
  • Eliminates the Need for a HL10 Lifter
  • Compatible with Savi WO100 and WO200

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