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Plantronics BACKBEAT SENSE SE Headsets | 205549-01

Since 1964, is serving different kinds of headsets that includes Call center, VoIP, Wireless, Bluetooth, Avaya, Cisco, Gaming, Wired and Aviation headsets. Dissimilar headsets of well-known brands at affordable prices are available, starting from $100.


The special- edition wireless headset that offers up to 18 hours of non- stop music. The invisible, nano- coating and protective headset prevents against the surprise rain and spills. The P2i technology prevents the headset in wet days i.e it makes the headset moisture- resistant. The audio quality of the headset is not affected by the nano- coating on the headset. The smartest audio and lifestyle technology goes beyond the basic. The wireless headset becomes smartest when the user takes off the headset y pausing it and resuming back when it is worn again. Smartphone and tablets can easily be operated and controlled in the range of 330 feet. It further features soft ear cushions that fits in the ears properly giving a comfortable wearing to the user. It is a lightweight and comfortable headset that delivers exemplary sound. One should never neglect purchasing the headset due to its smart features set but it being wireless. Wires annoy badly to the people. With long- lasting battery life, the headset allows the user to make calls.  With regards to the features, design, sound quality and value, the headset is ranked 8.4 out of 10


  1. Manufacturer- Plantronics
  2. Headset type- Wireless
  3. Wearing style- Over the head/ on ear
  4. Colors- Black, expresso
  5. Weight- 4.94 oz
  6. Bluetooth profiles- Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Headset Profile (HSP) and Hands Free Profile (HFP)
  7. Headphones form factor- Supraaural
  8. Sound Output Mode- Stereo
  9. Headphone frequency response- 20 Hz
  10. Headphones Diaphragm- 1.3 in
  11. Headphones Bluetooth version- 4.0
  12. Microphone Form Factor- built-in
  13. Remote control
  14. Audio control- Mute, Answer/End, Next/Previous track, Power on/off, Play/Pause
  15. Controls- Mute/ Volume/ Next n Previous track/ Answer, Play/ Pause, Power on/off
  16. Wireless link- Transmission range- 330 feet
  17. Battery run up time- 18 hours
  18. Battery stand-by time- 504
  19. Warranty- 1 year
  20. Battery rechargeable- Yes
  21. Battery technology- Lithium-ion
  22. Rechargeable time of battery- 2.5 sec


  • Wireless
  • Detailed audio
  • Status alerts (whispered)
  • Multiple Bluetooth connection
  • Non-stop music for up to 18 hours
  • Durable and portable
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Smart sensors
  • Multipoint
  • Class 1 Bluetooth (range up to 330 feet)
  • Splashproof coating