Plantronics Blackwire 620


Price : $109.00 /pc
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Plantronics Blackwire 620 Headsets

Wireless headsets at sales prices is an amazing offer by that none other offers. Qualitative variety of headsets with exceptional features at an affordable price starting from $100 are easily available. The company further offers exceptional benefits such as free shipping, sales returns within 30 days of purchase.

Blackwire 620 Headsets Overview

In the Blackwire 600 series, Plantronics Blackwire 620 is a binaural i.e two ears USB headset at the smart price charged by Plantronics. The headset has exceptional features that includes in- line control for volume. It adds stereo and noise canceling microphone which is specifically designed for the busy environment. It is listed among those headset mostly user demand who keeps themselves all- day busy by spending more of their time on video conferencing, webinars, etc. It features a flexible boom that enhances the performance of the headset. With Blackwire 620, effective and productive communication can take place. The USB connectivity is simple when plugging and playing. The comfort from the headset is at high level. Over- the- head headset also features padded ear cushions making the headset ideal for phone- intensive tasks. With the benefit of 1 year limited warranty by the manufacturer, the headset comes up with a carrying pouch. SoundGuard technology prevents the damage that can be caused the increase in volume.


  • Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Wearing style- Over- the- head
  • Headset type- Binaural
  • Noise canceling microphone- Yes
  • In- line control- Volume up/ down, call answer/ end, mute
  • Digital Signal Processing- Yes
  • USB connectivity- Yes
  • SoundGuard technology- Yes
  • Wideband technology- Yes
  • Ear cushions- Leatherette
  • Warranty- 1 years


  • Best audio via wideband
  • Noise canceling feature
  • SoundGuard technology prevents any damage that can be caused to the ears while increase in volume
  • Effective and productive communication
  • USB connectivity
  • Ideal for Phone- intensive task
  • In line control for volume, calls and mute
  • Dynamic EQ for perfect sound quality
  • On- the- go- use via carrying pouch
  • Leatherette ear cushion for comfort
  • Entire day wearing comfort- Adjustable fit
  • Automatic adjustment for high- quality music and playback multimedia via EQ settings
  • Natural voice sound via digital signal processing

Limited warranty of 1 year by the manufacturer