Plantronics CABLE, QD TO TWO 3.5MM PLUGS



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The Plantronics CABLE, QD TO TWO 3.5MM PLUGS is a special cable that will enhance your audio and video quality. It allows users to listen to quality video and audio very quietly on their PCs anytime. This PC cable adapter offers quality connectivity when used for the right device. You can connect the cable easily to an H-series or even a P-series wired headset to your computer. This QD (Quick Disconnect) cable on one end has a male connector as well as two mini-phone male connectors on the other end. The length of the cable also makes it perfect and convenient for users. It is 10 feet long, so that users can move freely even while they listen to their favorite audio and videos. Unlike other adapters, the Plantronics PC Cable Adapter Voice Card to Headset is very easy to install. It is also compatible with different devices such as EncorePro, TriStar, DuoPro, SupraPlus Wideband as well as Calisto series of headsets. This cable is also highly durable. You will enjoy it for a long time with great quality sound. The Plantronics PC cable adapter is a nice cable to use. It is also very easy to install.


Works with these Plantronics products: EncorePro, DuoPro, TriStar, SupraPlus Wideband, Calisto 800 Series.

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