Plantronics Cable ZIP RJ11 to Stereo Plug


Price : $25.00 /pc
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If you are having challenges with your headset, then you don’t have to buy a whole new headset. You can go for the Plantronics cable zip RJ11 to stereo plug to enjoy your device once again. This cable is a wise buy for people who are working as call center agents or an organization that wants to train their new hires. This cable will not only enhance the quality of your new hires but help to increase their efficiency. It will save their ear and sanity once installed with the right device. People who work in a call center need a special cable like this. The length of the cable allows agents to move freely while on their headsets. The Plantronics cable zip RJ11 to stereo plug is also compatible with HW251, H171N headset as well as Shoretel IP 485G phones. In fact, you don’t need an amplifier for this as the phone itself has a headset jack. This cable works well with a lot of devices. You can also use it on the Cisco 7942. It is compatible with a lot of devices and also very easy to install.