Plantronics Clarity SR100 Super Phone Ringer



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Plantronics SR100 Super Phone Ringer

The Plantronics SR-100 Extra Loud Telephone Ringer is one of a kind. It can be used both in the office, at home or while travelling. With this telephone ringer, you will never miss any of your important calls again. It comes with an extra-loud telephone ringer that produces sound up to 95dB. This device is specially designed for people who have moderate or severe hearing loss. It let users to know when the phone is ringing, if you are within range of the sound produced. There are lots of features that will tempt anyone about this device. It comes with an adjustable ring volume so that users can adjust the sound to a comfortable listening level. The Plantronics SR-100 Extra Loud Telephone Ringer also has an adjustable ring tone control as well as a dual modular phone jack. With this dual modular phone jacks, users can easily connect the device to a standard analog telephone. Another unique feature of this device is that it does not require battery. In fact, it is powered by just the telephone line. The Ameriphone SR100 is also made of the finest of components which makes it more reliable and durable.