Plantronics CS545-XD



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Plantronics CS540-XD & CS545-XD Battery and AC Charger

Have you lost some of your important calls because your device goes off too quickly? Are you looking for a device that will allow you to enjoy unlimited talk time with your Plantronics CS540-XD & CS545-XD wireless headset system? Then you are at the right place. The Plantronics CS540-XD & CS545-XD Battery and AC is designed to let you enjoy quality and unlimited talk time. You can initiate or receive calls with your headsets for any duration of time you like. This extra battery as well as AC charger for the CS540-XD and CS545-XD wireless headset system is designed with quality components. The extra battery has a long lifespan like the original battery while the AC charger will charge your battery very fast. These devices are also made of quality components which enables it to withstand any harsh conditions. The Plantronics CS540-XD & CS545-XD Battery and AC is a special product for call center agents who need to remain active in communication throughout the day. Since you can also replace the flat battery within 5 minutes even when making a call and the call will not be lost, then you are surely going to enjoy unlimited talk time.