Plantronics DA70 QD TO USB ADAPTER



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Key Features:

•Modern and sophisticated styling that conveys quality, power, and confidence

• Superior noise and echo cancellation for richer, clearer conversations

•Superior digital audio helps meet OSHA and Noise at Work regulations

•Plantronics technology that detects and reports on call events, revealing insights to make operations run more efficiently

•Downloadable firmware updates and the ability to carry unique serial numbers creating consistent, managed service levels across your center


  • Noise at Work and G616/AAL support
  • Unique base serial # asset management**
  • Quick Disconnect (QD) make/break sensing* 
  • Download Firmware Updates (DFU)**
  • Enhanced noise-cancelling and echo management
  • Advanced audio processing
  • QD style Standard 4 pin
  • Warranty - 2 years