Plantronics DOOR, BATTERY for CS50 & CS60



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If the batter door of your CS50 and CS60 has already been damaged or looks old, then it’s time to go for a replacement. But before you make any decision, remember that it will be better for you to go for a good quality battery door that will give you the same protection or even better than your former Plantronics battery door. However, the Plantronics spare battery door for CS50 and CS60 is made of high quality components to give your battery maximum protection. This spare battery door will protect the battery of your device from leakages as well as from coming in contact with anything that can destroy it. This spare battery case comes in a bright silver color that looks very bright and it will help to enhance the appearance of your device once replaced. It is made of high quality material of impeccable strength and it will fit well into your wireless headsets. This spare battery also has a long lifespan. The plantronics spare battery door for cs50 and cs60 is durable and very simple to fix if your former battery door get becomes loose.