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Plantronics E10 Acd Aptr for Most Acd System Ems, SOQ12 (old P/N 42598-01)

The Plantronics E10 ACD Adapter for Most ACD Systems is another special device from Plantronics. It is small and compact in size and this makes it possible to be used on the body instead of occupying useful PC space. This adapter is designed for comfort and enhanced call quality. It is compatible with any “H” series type of headset. The ACD adapter is also ergonomically designed for improved usage. It is ideal for users that want to connect their headsets to telephone systems, especially in a situation where one do not require access to a handset. The adapter also comes with a unique volume control system which is designed to give users the opportunity to adjust the volume of incoming calls to a listening level that is most suitable. The device also comes with other unique features that will let you enjoy calling. It comes with features such a sound guard and call clarity, which make it a wise choice for sales rep as well as call center agents. It can help he sales department of an organization to achieve their sales goals by offering clear and sharp marketing communications that will convince clients to repeat patronage.